JUNE 28, 2009

Meeting called to order at 2:10 pm
Officers present:            Dennis Kist, President
                                   Tom Mulder, Vice President
                                    Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly, Treasurer
                                    Rusty Evans, Member At Large
Officers absent:              Jory Rayton, Secretary

20 people represented current TPRA properties, and with proxies in
hand a quorum was declared present by the President.  President
called for challenges to quorum count; no one challenged the quorum


Terry Sandmierer raised corrections to the published 2008 minutes,
and the minutes were corrected in accordance with his objections.  
M/S/C to approve minutes as corrected.
Terry Sandmier said that the minutes were not correct concerning
fecal testing on the ranch; Dennis agreed to strike it from the records.

This program allows the federal government to reimburse the TPRA
for certain expenses for ranch improvements such as  cross fencing
and other improvements.  Not much has been accomplished as of yet
but this will be a priority for next year.  Question by Lynn Lafluer-
Dragonfly, if there will be gates through fences for access? Response
from Dennis, yes, plenty of gates

July 1, 2008 through June 27, 2009

           Checking Balance July 1, 2008                        $     126.97
           Savings Balance July 1, 2008                          $15,894.95

           Dues, Late Fees, Lien Payments              $23,835.48
           Cattle Lease                                                $17,800.00
           Interest                                                        $     106.20

           Legal Fees                                                $     373.42
           Road Work/Parking Areas                      $     580.00
           Snow Removal                                        $   4,570.61
           Taxes*                                                      $   4,740.35
           Bond                                                         $      170.10
           Mailing to Members                                  $      688.80
           Postmaster                                               $      322.69
           Equipment Purchase (snow blower)      $ 11,986.48
                                                                              $ 23,432.45

           Checking Balance, June 27, 2009            $       81.72.
           Savings Balance, June 27, 2009              $32,566.07
           2005 and older + legal fees                        $  9,256.49
           2006-07 Dues + late fees                            $  2,500.00
           2007-08 Dues + late fees                            $  1,500.00
           2008-09 Dues + late fees                            $  5,225.00
           2009-10 Dues + late fees                            $  6,500.00

*Taxes – Dues are tax exempt for non-profit organization.
Grazing revenue is NOT tax exempt
Question by Bob Evans. Is it possible to do collections on overdue lot
dues?  Response by Dennis Kist. Yes, Policy was to lien the property
now, and send demand letters, then follow through with foreclosure.
The problem seems to be a procedure for collection and foreclosure.
This is why we changed attorneys to Ed Hartshorn in Fairplay.

Policy for bylaws for foreclosure needs to be addressed, as well as
some of the bylaws. Lynn Glaser stated that we need to have a
meeting if we are going to re-word bylaws or covenants. It will take a
75% majority, and it will need to be filed before July 14th 2011 or it will
stay as written for the next 25 years.
M/S/C to approve Treasurer’s report.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  President Kist reviewed the purchase of the
snow blower by the Association for $38,000.  The loan was secured
through Colorado East Bank and Trust in Fairplay.  The terms are 7
annual payments of approximately $6,000, and the lot owned by TPRA,
along with the snow blower itself, was put up as security for the loan.
The Board intends to obtain liability insurance for the blower and the

Terry Sandmierer and Lynn Glaser both stated that the blower won’t
work, and that plowing is better.  Rusty Evans also stated that the only
reason that snow got plowed to the west, was that there was no more
room on the east, and wind came from all directions.
Dennis Kist stated that we could not continue to put all money into
snow plowing. We needed to find a new plan, and save some money
for road improvements. In the past it cost $10,000.00 a mile to build a
new road and we also need money for road grading and maintenance.
Question by Joann Mills: How much are we going to pay the operator,
and fuel, and insurance?
Dennis Kist: 3,000 dollars a year for insurance, fuel is an unknown at
this time, and the operator will get 20 dollars per hour. Marvin Mundt
was charging 95 dollars per hour and that cost was sure to go up with
time and fuel cost increases.

Question from the floor regarding when the road will be continued to
connect Antero.  Dennis Kist stated that the current policy is only to
spend the money on new road construction when the property owner
receives a Permit of Occupancy from the Park County.  Request was
made to put Board policy on website so property owners can see
what the policies are.

Lynn Glaser commented that there was only one snow plowing by his
house. Dennis Kist response was there were two on separate
occasions. Rusty Evans stated that everyone was plowed to all
owners at the same time. Terry Sandmierer stated that he did not get
plowed. He also commented on which way the snow should be
plowed, and asked about snow fencing.  He also commented when he
was on the board, he always plowed everybody out, and he put up
snow fence. It helped, but did not totally solve the drifting.

Question from the floor. Can property owners put up snow fence?
Answer. Yes, if it is in the right of way, but it needs to be at least 50
feet or more to do any good so that would be off of the right of way
and you would need the permission of the particular property owner to
put it on some else’s property.

Dennis stated that REIA has a requested permission to cross Fourmile
Creek Road for power lines to Ray and Becky Lyons property.  The
Board agreed to allow this on a case by case basis. Christian
Kingsford asked if we can limit it to underground power lines. Dennis
Kist stated that the membership at a previous meeting had voted to
restrict utilities to underground lines, but it was not in the form a
change to the covenants (which requires a 75 % vote of property
owners) and therefore could not restrict property owners.  Ray Lyons
stated that his cost is 4 to 5 times higher to go underground verses

Dennis Kist reported that the Cattle lease with Vern Wagner runs out
in 2009 and needs to be addressed

Dennis Kist reported that the web site needs a different format service
and this will be addressed.  

It was also reported that the Board installed parking pads near the
TPRA signs at the Fourmile Creek and County Road 24 entrances.

M/S/C to accept report.

Rusty Evans reported on how much money will be available for road
The ranch has a couple of options. To purchase outside materials, or
look into the cost of renting a portable crusher and use the materials
from the ranch.  Minimum cost for crushing will be about $3.00 per ton
- -  we do have a lead on class 6 road base in Alma for $2.75 was a
ton. This is a good price.
We have approx 1.3 miles of road that need attention. We have has a
lot of rain on the ranch and hopefully in the next 3 to 4 weeks can get
some road grading done. One half of the money needs to be left in
savings for future snow removal or in case of a new road construction
needing to be done.  Christian Kingsford: Question. Did that figure
include raising roads? Answer, yes for some, but there a lot of rocks in
the ditch line, and the road needs to be plated with class 6 road base.

M/S/C to accept report.


Election nominations were as follows . Election results in votes (  )
Terry Sandmier                                        ( 41)
Christian Kingsford                                 ( 25)
Dennis Kist                                               (91)*
Rusty Evans                                             (91)*
Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly                           (126)*
Tom Mulder                                             (102)*
Ray Lyons                                                (106)*


Motion to approve election results, Motion approved.

Vern Wagner wanted to thank the association for cooperation he
received. Improve the ranch by cross fencing, and possibly work on
windmills for water development. Showed interest in keeping the
cattle lease, and doing improvements with him on the ranch. He was
going to vaccinate he the calves soon. Question to Vern. What current
diseases have you encountered? Response. Depends where you are.
Currently, none here.  Vern gave his cell number out 719-839-0563. He
also stated he has had trouble with dogs chasing his cattle.
Rusty Evans asked if we could post the meeting times and places
whenever the board has a meeting, so it attended by anyone who
wants. Bob Evans also wanted to publish a snow removal plan on the
web site. Joann Mills suggested the fair barn for a meeting place.
Question asked about the board policy binder and if it was printed.
Terry S. had his own independent survey done on snow removal, road
maintenance, and board approval. All responses, not satisfied.

Dennis Kist asked what changes to the bylaws does everyone want to
see? Contact the Board or we could have a separate meeting to
Vern Wagner said there are miles of low fence, and could possibly do
a labor trade for the cost, to off set cattle lease. Joann Mills suggested
to put the bylaws on the web site.
Lynn Lafleur-.Dragnonfly: Due to the lack of history on taxes, it seems
that TPRA has never filed taxes, and that grazing fees are not tax
exempt. CPA to do an audit. Bob Evans offered to help with collection
process in dues owed. Vern Wagner would trade work for grazing
M/S/C to adjourn at 4:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mulder
Rusty Evans