Minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting of Thousand Peaks Ranch Association

Present:  Board Members:  Beth Brubaker,  Terry Sandmeier, Ed Schade, Malcolm Shaw.  Absent: Steven

Owners: Joanne Mills, Ms. Sandra Hagan, Tom and Trish Willard, George and Nancy Biggs, Dennis and Elaine
Kist, David McConico, Jethro Pratt, Elisabeth Moritz, Jory Rayton, Lynn Glasser, Rusty Evans.

Guest experts: Larry LeDue (solar energy), Alan Swartz (Teller/Park Weed Control), David McConico (windfarm
energy). .

Mr. Sandmeier called the meeting to order at 2.10 pm.  

The Meeting opened with presentations from the guest experts.  Mr. LeDue outlined the benefits of renewable
energy from wind and solar generation, and the tax credits available; Mr. Swartz discussed noxious weeds which
may or may not be present on the Ranch, and offered his services in aiding their elimination.  Mr. McConico
discussed grants and low-interest loans, which are available for persons desiring to take advantage of them,
even though their homes are off-grid.

Treasurer’s Report - Beth Brubaker

Treasurer’s Report

July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006

Bank Account status:

 Checking Balance, July 1, 2005                                              $65.95

 Savings Balance, July 1, 2005                                          $28,086.08



 Dues                                                                              $60,483.35

 Cattle Lease                                                                      $8,300.00

 Interest                                                                                 $269.44

 Total Income                                                                $69,052.79  


 Attorney Fees                                                                   $1,832.56

 Road Work                                                                    $29,531.20

 Snow Removal                                                                 $3,235.00

Maps for Annual Meeting                                             $59.85

Bond                                                                                   $170.10

 Mailings to members                                                            $239.88

 Lease Advertisement                                                            $103.05

Refund to member                                                                 $50.00

 Fairplay Postmaster                                                                $26.00

 Park County Assessor                                                            $25.00

 Land Survey                                                                                $1041.25

 Total expenditures                                                      ($36,313.89)

 Balance                                                                         $60,890.93

Cash in hand:

Savings Balance, June 30, 2006                                       $60,839.18

 Checking Balance, June 30, 2006                                            $51.75

 Total in hand                                                                $60,890.93

Dues Outstanding at July 1, 2006                  

 2006                                                                                 $7,400.00

 2005                                                                                $3,700.00

2004                                                                                $1,800.00

2003                                                                                 $1,000.00   

2002                                                                                        $700.00

2001                                                                                    $500.00

2000                                                                                    $300.00

1999                                                                                    $100.00

Dennis Kist moved to accept the report, seconded, carried by verbal unanimous vote.

Roads: Terry Sandmeier

The road program has been essentially the same as last year’s.  This year, the Reinecker Road extension to the
Raytons’ has been added to the “to do” list, and the entrances and exits to Prairie Trail have been re-sited and
reculverted, and the road itself bladed.

Jory Rayton inquired as to why he had a CO for ten months and his road had not been improved yet, whereas
there is a complete finish on Prairie Trail, where the one building in progress does not yet have a CO.  Mr.
Sandmeier responded that his own access road had remained unimproved for three years during Jim Wieczorek’
s administration as president, and that he understood the concern.

Joanne Mills raised the issue of the non-functional cattle guard on C24, off Hwy. 9.  This is a matter of digging
the bars clear, which the County is presently unable to do.

Surveys have been performed for new roads, the Prairie Trail and Reinecker segments.  At the site where Santa
Maria and Salt Ranch converge is a target area, which the Board will raise in the future.

Sandra Hagan informed the Board that lot 35, adjoining Hwy 9 belongs to IREA, and that there is the prospect of
a substation.  The lot, since it is now subdivided, is less than 35 ac., and therefore, the well on the lot is illegal.

Marvin Mundt is presently ill and in treatment.  Rusty Evans shared that he is buying a used roller, and offered it
to the Association where needed.  He asked if the Association might consider buying a grader, to which Ed
Schade replied that there were liability issues which preclude this.

Cattle Lease – Terry Sandmeier

Terry stated that the lease was awarded to Vern Wagner, for 100 head, for the first year.  The query was raised,
that the agenda stated 150 head.  Mr. Sandmeier responded that he had taken the figure from last year’s
agenda, and that the true figure was 100 head.

Dennis Kist, who had served on the Lease Subcommittee, asked why the third highest bid (that of Vern Wagner,
aka Wagner/Myers Enterprises) had been selected over the other two higher bids, and over the
recommendations of the Lease Subcommittee, which Mr. Sandmeier had appointed.  Mr. Sandmeier stated that
this was a Board decision.  Mr. Kist asked whether this decision was unanimous, and if not, how the voting had
been distributed.  Mr. Sandmeier responded that the Board as a whole had taken the decision.  Mr. Kist
countered that there was a need for explanation of the process, to which Mr. Sandmeier responded that there
was no obligation to explain anything and that Mr. Kist was out of order.

Mr. Kist then stated that it was his understanding that Vern Wagner had voted in the 2005 Board election, while
ineligible to vote, and that this had influenced the outcome of the election at that time.  Mr. Kist then moved to
rescind the 2005 election.  On Second (Mr. Rayton) a hand tally of present members resulted in the motion
being carried.

New Election

Elections for the Board were then held, resulting as follows:

Ed Schade

Sandra Hagan

Dennis Kist

Beth Brubaker

Malcolm Shaw

became members of a new Board.

At this point, Mr. Sandmeier left the building, and the meeting was adjourned at 3.45 pm on motion from Mr. Kist,
and second from the floor.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw