Board of Directors Meeting
June 24, 2016
Fairplay, Colorado

Meeting Opened at 3:45 p.m.

Board members present:        Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons, Eric Witzak, Jennie Himes, Lester Kawasaki, Rey Ortiz.  
Excused:  Rusty Evans.  Also present: Lynn Lafleur Dragonfly, Lee Fritz.

M/S/C for the following officers:
President:                Dennis Kist
Vice-President:        Ray Lyons
Secretary:                Rusty Evans
Treasurer:                Jennie Himes
Roads:                        Eric Witzak
At-Large:                Lester Kawasaki
                       Rey Ortiz

Eric raised the issue that the town of Alma is selling a snowblower that is the same make as the one owned by
TPRA and wondered if the Association was interested in buying it.  Eric thought that it would be about
$40,000.00.  Board members discussing the issue felt that the funds could be used better elsewhere and no
action was taken.

Jennie bought the issue of transferring and storing the boxes of records currently stored at Lynn’s house.  
Jennie was asked to price a portable wooden shed that could store the records and to report back to the Board
for a decision.  Jennie also raised the issue of using Paypal or something similar in order for owners to be able
to pay on-line or by credit card.

Ray brought up the issue of the culvert problem on Fourmile Creek Rd. Relative to the high water issues that we
have had for the past several years at Fourmile Creek, Ray reported  the following findings and proposed

First, Ray repaired the sink holes that had formed due to washed out dirt along side the existing pipe allowing
the road surface to collapse as there was no dirt left below to hold the road up.  The bill for additional road
base, equipment and labor for this will be about $850.

M/S/C  to approve this expense.

While excavating out to locate the extent of the damage below, Ray discovered that the 4' diameter pipe is
installed in two 20' sections banded together in the middle which is very customary and proper install.  What has
happened is the middle where the two pipes join has settled enough to separate the pipes allowing the water to
erode the dirt around the pipe encouraging it to settle even further thus allowing it to erode even quicker and
settle more.  The center has settled enough to reduce the flow capacity of the pipe to about 3/5ths that which it
would carry if it was flat or crowned slightly in the center.

Ray does not believe the pipe is actually damaged where it would need replaced.

The solution is to let the water go down, dig out the existing pipe with a parallel trench to carry the remaining
water.  Ray can then establish if the base under the pipe is actually good dirt or just mud and clay which would
then need to be removed down another 2 feet and rebuilt with a combination of 6" - rocks mixed with road base
and compacted to form a base to relay the pipe on which is stable for the future.

Then Ray can relay the pipe in the standard manor.  This would take care of the sinking issue as well as the
issue of the pipe not carrying the required water flow during spring run off.  

Ray could very easily add a 24" overflow pipe at that time to supplement very high future flows.

Cost if we can reuse the original 4' pipe would be $3400 which would include 5 standard loads of road base and
3 loads of 6" - river rock.

Ray can add the over flow 24" at that time for $1600 additional for the 40' of pipe.

If Ray has to replace the entire 40' of 4' pipe that would be an additional $2200.

Summary is that the cost of the repair ($3400 + $1600 + $2200) = $7200 if we do all the options with new pipe.  
If concrete in needed to be placed under the culvert, that would add an additional $800.00 bringing the the total
up to $8,000.00

M/S/C to authorized up to $8,000.00 to fix the culvert problem on Fourmile Creek Rd.

Dennis brought up the issue of the budget.

A budget of $6,000.00 for general road maintenance and road buildup, and $14,000.00 for winter snow removal
was proposed.  M/S/C to adopt this budget.

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Kist
Acting Secretary