Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
Annual Meeting
June 24, 2017
Fairplay, Colorado

Meeting opened at 2:02 p.m.

29 landowners and 53 proxies present.  A quorum was declared present.  No objection to the quorum count.  
M/S/C to accept the quorum.

Board members present:  Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons, Lynn LaFleur Dragonfly, Eric Witzak, Jennie Himes, Lester
Kawasaki.  Excused:  Rusty Evans.

Special Guest:  Paul Mattson from the South Park Ambulance District spoke to meeting.  Mr. Mattson gave a
history of the District which is 25 years in existence.  Mr. Mattson reported that the District is considering placing
substations in Hartsel and Jefferson in order to better serve the District and reduce response times.  He also
stated that there may be vote to increase funding for the District.  Information is available on the District’s
Facebook page and website.

Minutes from the 2016 Annual Meeting were read.  M/S/C  to approve the minutes as read.

Ranch Improvements:
Ray Lyons reported that the culvert situation on Fourmile Creek Rd. needs to be addressed.  For the past
several years the culvert has not been able to handle the runoff from the snow melt.  This year portions of the
road collapsed over the culvert and it appears that the culvert is in two sections and has separated and sunk.  
As a result only about the culvert is only handling about ½ of its capacity.  The Board will need to discuss the
various options to repair the culvert and the road.  This will not be done until the fall when the water level drops.  
Traffic may have to be diverted to CR 24 and the peat moss easement road.
Ray also reported that about 800-1200 feet of additional snow fence has been approved and either has been
installed or will be installed.
Both road graders owned by Ray are up and running and available.
M/S/C to accept report.

Treasurer’s Report:
Lynn Lafleur Dragonfly reported as follows:

Current Balances:
Savings:                        $25,469.57
Checking:                        $19,002.15
Tax Transfer Account:        $     167.76
TOTAL                        $44,639.48

Profit & Loss:
       Annual Dues                                        $33,400.00
       Drive Way Snow Removal                   $      600.00
       Late Fees                                            $   2,775.00
       Non-collectible dues & late fees          -$   9,590.36
       Uncategorized Income                          $     989.48        
       TOTAL INCOME                                   $28,174.12

       Bank Fees                                        $       38.00
       Legal Fees                                       $     721.99
       Office Expense                                 $  6,459.84
       Postage                                            $     147.00
       Road Maintenance                           $15,650.00
       Road Maintenance Labor                 $     850.00
       Road Maintenance Materials            $  5,797.50
       Snow Removal Labor                       $  3,650.00
       Snowblower Maintenance Labor       $     700.00
       Snowblower Maintenance Parts        $  2,866.78
       TOTAL EXPENSE                              $38,881.11

       Net Ordinary Income                          -$8,706.99

Other Income
       Cattle Lease                                     $15,000.00

Total Other Income                                   $15,000.00

Other Expense
       Tax Payment                                     $     617.00

Total Other Expense                                 $     617.00

Net Other Income                                      $ 14,383.00

Net Income                                                $    5,676.01

Lynn thanked Jennie Himes for all of her help.  Due to Jennie’s effort, back dues and late fees were collected.

M/S/C  to accept report.

President’s Report:
Dennis Kist reported:
1.  Cattle Lease
Not much has changed since last year.  Rafael Esparza still has the cattle lease with the Association and we
have a great relationship with him.  He is allowed to place 400 head of cattle on the unfenced areas of the
Ranch for up to 6 months a year. The lease brings in $15,000.00 a year in revenue which is in addition to the
$30,000.00 a year that we bring in for dues on the lots.
2.  Budget.         Unless changed by the Board, we have a standing budget of  $10,000 for summer maintenance
and $10,000 for snow removal.  
Lee Fritz, Lot No. 25 asked who gave permission to put a post on her property last year to construct a gate
across Reinecker Rd.  Dennis stated that while he did not specifically authorize the road, it is not unusual for the
cattle lease to put up a gate to keep the cattle from going up Reinecker and onto CR24.  Dennis said that the
post should not have been place on her lot and that he removed it when notified of the problem by Fritz.

Election of Officers:
Lynn Lafleur Dragonfly announced that she would not be running for office again due to her personal workload
and the inability to dedicate the time necessary for the office of Treasurer.  The Board and the owners present
gave Lynn applause and thanked her for time and effort over the past years.

Nominations were opened.   Dennis Kist asked if anyone other than the current Board were interested in being
on the Board.  Rey Ortiz, Lot 84, stated that he would like to be on the Board. A motion was was made to re-
elect the current Board Members, not including Lynn LaFleur, and to include Rey Ortiz as the new Board.  The
motion was seconded and unanimously carried and a white ballot was cast.

Old Business:        None.

New Business:          None.

Unfinished Business:        None.

M/S/C to adjourn at 3:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Kist
Acting Secretary