TPRA Board of Directors Meeting

Present:  Dennis Kist, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Eric Witzak, Ray Lyons, Rusty Evans, Jennie Himes, Lester

Dennis Kist presented a copy of the receipt, check and deposit receipt for $7,500.00 for the 2nd payment for
the 2016 payment lease.

Dennis Kist reported he asked Rafael Esparza how the year went for him and he said not good in that the
bottom dropped out of the cattle market.  

Esparza asked if the Board would mind that instead of the cow/calf pairs that he is allowed under the lease if
he could put out two cows plus a breeding bull instead.  The overall number of cattle would not exceed what is
allowed under the lease and the money would stay the same.  Kist told him that he did not think that the Board
would object but that I would pass it one to see if there is any objection.

Kist voted to approve the request and the Board will vote by email..

Kist also requested that the Board reaffirm the current policy of $100.00 per winter for driveway plowing in
accordance with the policy on the website.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Kist