Minutes of the meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on Saturday, December 16,
2006, at 9.00 am.

Present: Dennis Kist, Sandra Hagan, Beth Brubaker, Malcolm Shaw; Absent: Ed Schade.

Call to order: 9:20 am.

Meeting Minutes
 Minutes from the meeting of Sept. 26 were read by the Secretary.  On motion to approve from the Treasurer
and second, these were approved for posting.

The Vice-president raised the issue of a dispute on Lots 207/206, which front Deadman road.  One of the
parties has dammed a creek on the properties, which causes an owner to transit over the adjacent lot, to access
a cabin.  The complaint was made to the Vice-President in her County capacity.  She has informed the
complainant that it is neither a County nor Association matter, and that it should be discussed and settled
between the parties.  Nonetheless, the complaint has now been lodged before a County official, for the record,
such that no future claim of possession or right-of way can be substantiated.

Cattle Lease
 1.      The president consulted with the Association’s attorney’s regarding the illicit “lease,â
€ (see 2. below) signed by the previous president after being voted out of office, under which Vern Wagner
claims grazing rights.  The attorney has proposed two courses of action; to re-open bidding for next year and
subsequent years, or to re-negotiate the grazing lease under equitable terms, with Mr. Wagner.  The Vice-
president moved to re-negotiate the lease on an annual renewable basis, based on the top bid of $15/AUM, the
actual top bid of the legitimate bids received in the tender process in April, should this be possible.  On second,
motion carried.

2.      Through Mr. Wagner’s attorney and the Association’s, the Board obtained a copy of the
document referred to above.  It is, in fact, not a formal lease, but an informal digest of terms discussed at a
prior Board meeting, but never ratified.  This notwithstanding, even this paper states that rents should be sent
to the PO Box, which has never occurred to date.


1.      The Treasurer informed the meeting that she had asked our attorney for a recap of outstanding
property liens.  Of 18 liens, 8 have now been satisfied.  Any property, with dues outstanding from 2001 or
before, needs to be re-liened.  The Treasurer moved to adopt a policy of lien warnings at two years’
delinquency and liens at three years’ delinquency.  This will place 9 more properties in a lien situation.  
On second, motion carried.

2.      The Treasurer then moved to release those liens which have been satisfied.  On second, motion

3.      The Vice-president moved to adopt a policy under which, after six years of delinquency, the
Association should move to foreclose on the delinquent property.  On second, motion carried.

Annual Meeting
 Discussion of the dates and formats for this ensued.  In particular the matter of proxies, their format and how
they should be mailed, were discussed. The subject was tabled pending the president re-evaluating and
reformatting the form.  The format used in the past is not only inadequate, but improper, since it gave absent
members only the opportunity of transferring their proxy to “the Board.”  Proxies for one person may only
be given to one other person, and the new format should reflect this.

 The Treasurer reported that weed spraying took place in September, as planned, and requested a budget
item of $300 to pay Mr. Swartz to repeat the same process in the Spring.  The Secretary moved to permit this;
carried after second.

Other business

1.      The president will approach Mr. Schade, who has now missed four meetings and not responded to
communications, with regard to his desire to continue as a Board member.

2.   The president is in contact with the attorney regarding the DOW fence across Four Mile Creek Road.

On motion from the Treasurer and second, meeting was adjourned at 10.40 am.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw

Secretary, TPRA