TPRA Board of Directors Email Meeting
November 8-11, 2015

Ray Lyons:

Tookie Nemchak has volunteered to join the board and chase down the clean up of abandoned trash on
lots on TPEA lots.

I believe this to be a real and actual pursuit of cleaning up or the abandoned trash on a few deserving sites.

They would be willing to volunteer some time as I would be willing to volunteer some equipment to
accomplish this task.I know there would be some details to work out legally and logistically however I believe
this to be a good step toward the future of having a great association for all who live here.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Dennis Kist:

I don't know that we have the authority under the By-laws to do anything.  Even if we did, there would have
to be notice to landowner and opportunity for a hearing of some type.   I also am hesitant to have the
Association get involved with what people are doing on their property (like the County).  If there is really a
problem with a particular lot that impacts others (such as danger or sanitation), we could contact the
County and there are land use procedures that the County follows in order to get the place cleaned up.  I
know this was done with lot 42 prior to Elaine and I buying it.  But we would have to look at the lot(s) in
question to make that decision.  If you are looking at the old log cabins, I think they add historical character
to the place.  But we can discuss it.

Eric Witzak:

I know that in the past the county has done or made "clean up" happen.  Does anybody remember the rif
van at the corner  of Santa Maria and fourmile creek or the 2 dozen broke down snowmobiles ant the
bottom of the hill on 4mile?    I know there are abandon trailers and such out on the ranch.  I would like
them to go away also.   However do we want the county out here?  Telling full timers that there lots need to
be cleaned up?  There are  many land use regulations that are not enforced (like full time residencies in a
rv).  Greg Kimsey worked for the county, maybe he has some insight.  If something can be done, I will
volunteer to help.   

Ray Lyons:

The concept (and I agree with both Dennis and Eric) would be to keep the county out of our business and
not bother the historic aspects.  It would include a notice to the landowner, which she would take the time to
identify by researching records, that this situation had been left
unattended for several years and in order to keep the county from become involved we would give them
something like one year to clean up or we would do it for the cost of cleaning
it up for them.  If no response in that time or they elected that we do it them we would do it with volunteer
labor,charge them the fee, place a lien on the property. We go on with life.  If we get paid great, if not we
don't loose any sleep over it and the association is a cleaner, more inviting place.  Care would be given to
keep the county out as well as opening up a clean up police policy with in the association.  Full time people
would be left alone definitively.  Only places that has things like melting down RV's or abandoned non
construction trash would be of concern.

I do know there is an upswing county wide of folks dumping stuff and walking away at this time although I do
not see signs of that on TPRA.

The over riding priority would be to keep away from a hormone based clean up police.