June 25, 2016
Present:  Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Eric Witzak, Rusty Evans, Jennie

The annual budget and projects for 2016-2017 were discussed and acted upon.

M/S/C to continue existing budget of $10,000.00 for summer road maintenance and $10,000.00
for winter road maintenance.

M/S/C to continue existing driveway policy.

M/S/C to approve $5,075.00 for additional snowfence.

M/S/C  to approve $5,000.00 for grading.

The Board acknowledge that these figures may change and that Ray will seek any changes via
email through the Board.

M/S/C to approve $1,000.00 to repair control valve on snowblower.

In addition to the monies currently on hand, $7,500.00 should be received in November from
Rafael Esparza for the cattle lease.

M/S/C/ to adjourn.

Respectfully submitted
Dennis A. Kist