Meeting open at 2:02 pm
Board Members present:  Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Rusty Evans, Eric

The meeting opened up with a 78 proxy’s.  A Quorum has been met and no challenges to the
quorum count. Motion to approve quorum, motion carried. ( M/S/C)

•        Last years minutes read by Dennis. M/S/C
•        Ranch Improvements, Ray Lyons
The ranch purchased and installed 1,200 LF of snow fence last season and has currently installed
400 LF this season, with plans for more. The snow fence is placed, based on the proven trouble
areas around the ranch. The snow removal personnel have the difficult job
of prioritizing these areas, but based on year round residents and a limited budget, these areas
are evaluated every year. Ray stated that the second motor grader is almost complete and will be
ready for work soon. The second grader will aid in raising up some ranch roads to mitigate cross
wind drifting. He is also installing rock rake type cutting edges to remove rocks 1.5 inch and larger.
This is also going to be a test module, as we have not targeted this type of road improvements,
since this type of road construction should have been implemented during the original build of the
roads, so its something the current board has to deal with.
One of the priority areas  left  that have needed some grader attention is on Salt trail, between
Antero and TPRA. Ray also stated that the ranch has a spare culvert that we will save for future
use. … Dennis also took a moment to address new property owners on how the ranch approaches
road maintenance and snow removal. The bottom line is the current improvements are working, A
lot of maintenance and snow removal issues are for year round residents. As the number of full
time residents rise, so will the challenges of the ranch to facilitate those land owners. M/S/C
•        Treasures report. Lynn
            TPRA CHECKING         $4,043.53
             REG DDA (TAXES)      $100.00
             TPRA SAVINGS            $23,712.49
           The ranch tax season is the same as our illustrious government, we run July-June. That     
           that the ranch paid off the snow blower this fiscal year. Well done.
           Lynn stated that the profit and loss statement will be posted at the end of the fiscal year,
           including dues not received yet. Also, the amount of work that is required by the treasurer
is a
           very time consuming job, and just like the rest of the board, is a volunteer, not a paid
            Lynn simply does not have enough hours in the day, so last year the board hired a data
            entry person to help with the specific job of data entry. This has enabled Lynn to focus on
            the legal side of the ranch. Lynn has mentioned semi retirement from this thank-less job,
            so this help is welcomed. Ray asked Jenny Himes to the front to introduce her to the board
            all in attendance. This also gives Lynn a chance to help teach Jenny on our current
system, and
            at some point, possibly take over for Lynn. All data entry is complete, and will be posted on
            the web with the financial. We also have new home owners on the ranch that were in
            attendance for the first time that also offered to help Lynn. Thanks Michelle (Joe Austins
            former residence).  


•        Roads  Erik
Erik stated that the current state of roads are acceptable, and based on our budget will
allow for two or three more passes on the ranch. We will have a board meeting in September
to balance left over budget funds and possibly transfer to more snow-fence. All members
are in total agreement that snow-fence has proven to reduce the need for snow removal in
certain areas. Our long term goal as board members, is to install as much snow-fence as funds
will allow. M/S/C
•        Presidents Report  Dennis
Cattle lease improvements on fencing has given Rafael the opportunity to move them to
areas with a better water source. Rafael is also looking into adding a well head water source
in the area of PCR 24 and Reinecker. It was also brought up, that the cattle guard on the east
end of PCR 24 if filled with road material and will need to be cleaned out.  Question.
If the county put the material in, do they clean it out????
The current budget for road maintenance and snow removal will stay the same as last year.
10K for each. For future reference, a balance left over ( funds not used) for snow removal
may be redirected to additional sno-fence. M/S/C
•        Election of board members
           The quorum was met and a unanimous vote was taken, and all current board members
           Jenny Himes was nominated and approved as our newest at large member. Congratulations
           and thank you.  Some one addressed Lynn about UN-paid dues. Our standard response is
           cost to pursue the delinquent funds is to expensive, so the most cost effective way for the
           ranch to collect is lien the property and wait for the property to sell and the title company is
           now involved. Then we collect past dues. M/S/C
•        OLD business
           TPRA lot owner addressed the board, that he had a squatter living in their home with out
            permission. The squatter was not apprehended here, but in another state. This is just a
           that as neighbors, we can help keep an eye out for people that are on the ranch that don’t
            here. Don’t be afraid if you see a vehicle you don’t recognize, to question them, and
            them that this ranch is private property.  Our version of neighbor hood watch.
           Meeting adjourned 2:50 PM

Board members present. Dennis K.  Lynn L.  Ray L.  Erik W.   Rusty E.
14 TPRA residents representing various lot numbers

Respectfully submitted
Rusty Evans