TPRA annual meeting  June 2015

Meeting open at 2pm

All board members present,  9 lot owners also present.  60 proxy’s accounted for, with 33 needed for a quorum.

1)        Dennis read 2014 minutes. Motion carried. Motion approved
2)        Ranch improvements were given by Ray, which included the  following.  The cross pans that were
installed last year have proven successful. At the present, snow fencing is limited due to acquisition form CDOT
has not been productive as in past years. Certain areas in the Antero/ salt trail have been targeted for regrading
for road improvements.MC/MA
3)        Lynn read the treasures report.
Treasurers Report
As of June 20, 2015

Checking                $18,096.83
Regular DDA          $     100.00
Savings                  $22,860.47

Total Assets          $41,057.30

Commerical Loans
Payment Amount        Payoff Amount        Interest Rate        Next Payment Date        Balance
$6,4861                        $8,796.14                6.5000%                07/31/201                $7,524.38

We are still incomplete on the dues sheet, information on certain lot owners as information at the county level is
not up to date. On item worth noting, the ranch is down to 7524 dollars left on the snow blower bank note.  MC/MA
4)        Dennis read the presidents report. The web site is still suffering publishing issues, but he will work
diligently to solve this problem. We have reached out for help from current lot owners, but this has proven to be a
high tech problem. The cattle lease has been renewed for 3 more years, through the 2017 season.  Rafael is
also looking at possible extension along the Hwy 9 portion of the ranch to increase cattle usage, and possibly
adding more animals.  Dennis also spoke with the NRCS about the ranch adding extra wells to increase our land
use with the cattle, however typical government red tape has slowed this process to a crawl. Dennis will stay on
top of this. As last year, our budget for road maintenance and snow removal will stay the same at 10k each.
5)        Eric gave a road report reiterating Rays comments about highlighting areas that need extra attention for
grading and the critical areas that are still in need of snow fence. The ranch still intends to add snow fence as
money is availability to the highest traffic areas for full time residents. MC/MA
6)        Election of board members. All current board members were re-elected to there current potions,  After the
election, Lester Kawasaki was nominated, and gracefully accepted a position on the board. Welcome Lester, it is
always nice to have a fresh input on decisions upcoming. MC/MA
7)        Old business. Because of the success of concrete cross pan on the east side of the ranch, it was decided
to install a much need cross pan on Bare trail between Rogers and South fork. The cost is estimated at 2K.
MC/MA  meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm

Respectfully submitted
Rusty Evans