June 21st, 2014
10 land owners present

1.        Open of meeting Quorum- No challenge to quorum with 56 proxy's.

2.        Reading of 2013 minutes by Dennis Kist. M/S/C to accept minutes as read.

3.        Ranch improvements. Ray Lyons stated that the ranch is online to receive 1.200 LF of         
additional snow fence, which will be installed in (4) 300 LF sections, which will be placed in         the areas
that caused the most trouble during the last winter. As it stands, the ranch could use         approximately 7
miles of snow fence, so the ranch will continue to install as funds are available.
      Other improvements will include installing concrete pans in place of culverts, as the culverts are         
still frozen when the melting starts and washes out that section of road.
      M/S/C to accept report.

4.        Treasures report. Insert Lynn's report M/S/C

5.        Presidents report by Dennis Kist
      Cattle Lease:
Rafael Ezparza holds the lease with the Ranch.  Under the terms of the lease, Esparza puts out 500 head
of yearlings for 6 months, and the ranch receives $15,000.00. Ezparza has been an excellent partner.  He
pays on time and we have received no complaints about him. His lease ends at the end of this year.  It is
our intention to renegotiate a new lease with him if that is his desire.  
      Ray Lyons and I have talked about possibly including in the new lease dividing the north end of the
ranch, north of CR 24 and just west of Hwy 9 as a new section that could be included in Rafael’s lease or
leased to a new person.  We need to develop the water source, but it is doable.  If so this may bring in
about another $2,500 a year.
      We are also looking at developing a new water source on the south end of the ranch which         
would allow about another 100-200 head on the ranch.  This could be worth about $3000-$6000         
more a year.  In order to do this, we would have to add some solar wells.  I have begun         discussions
with the Natural Resources Conservation Service of the US Dept of Agriculture to         help fund such a
       We have budgeted $10,000 for summer maintenance and $10,000 for         snow removal.  Eric         
and Lynn will report more on this.

      M/S/C to accept the report.

6.        Road Report by Eric Witzak.                 Eric reported that due to some unforeseen problems
with         the grader and the blower at the same time, snow removal was a challenge this year. At
current,         the problems that plagued the blower have been repaired and the grader is also been
      The  ranch also installed delineation for some of the areas that snow removal has proven very         
difficult, which will also help the full time ranch residents identify the EOR ( edge of road).
      The defoliators have been placed approximately 10 ft from EOR on the upstream side of the         
road.  Because the wind and blowing snow has on occasion made the EOR impossible to see,         the
delineation has reflective tape to help motorist identify EOR. Red indicates the EOR is on         the drivers
right side, and White indicates the EOR is on the drivers left side.
      Please remember that the ditch line varies in depth and width throughout the ranch so the         
delineation is only a reference,and not intended for actual EOR.
      The ranch will also install a concrete pan in the Santa Maria / Salt Trail area as a test to replace         
culvert as previously discussed. The ranch is also going to repair a cattle guard ( location ?)
           Also discussed was renting a screen deck to produce road base for the ranch, but funds will
           the determine factor. As a side note, the ranch has only approx 11,000 left to pay on the blower.

     7.  Election of Board Members.  Joann Mills motioned to retain current board as is. With no other         
nominations offered, M/S/C to reelect the current board.

     8.  Old Business.   None

     9.  New  Business-  If the opportunity is available, the ranch will pursue the ability to sell gravel    
          to aid in our ability to cover ranch roads with road base.

      Meeting Adjourned
      Respectfully submitted,
      Rusty Evans