Minutes of the meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on Thursday, September
26, 2006, at 11.00 a.m.

Present: Dennis Kist, Sandra Hagan, Beth Brubaker, Malcolm Shaw; Absent: Ed Schade.

Call to order: 11:10 a.m.

Minutes of prior meetings

Minutes of the meetings of August 26, 2006 were read and approved on motion and second by the
Vice-President.  Minutes of the special meeting of Sept. 7 were read and approved on motion and second by
the Treasurer.


The Treasurer has requested an estimate from Mr. Swartz of Teller/Park Weed Control for spraying infested
areas for thistle.  The figure given is $200-225.  The Fall is a good time to carry this forward, and there may
be a necessity to repeat the process in the Spring.  On motion from the Treasurer and second, that this work
should be carried out at the estimated cost, the work was approved up to a sum of $300.

Mailing of Annual Meeting Minutes

The draft letter to accompany these was presented by the Secretary for approval.  After discussion and
amendment, the Vice-President moved to approve the letter and the mailing.  On second, motion was carried.

Fence Across Four Mile Creek Road.

The question was raised regarding a fence Mr. Wagner has placed across an unimproved portion of the
road.  The Secretary moved to instruct Powell and Murphy to bring it to his attention that this fence would
need to be removed in the future, when construction of the throughway is needed.  On second, motion was

Status of Mr. Schade

The President raised the issue that Mr. Schade had been absent from all meetings of the Board except that
of  July 22, 2006, has not completed the assignments he undertook at that time and has responded to no
communications since then.  He undertook to communicate with Mr. Schade and ask him what his desires and
intentions were, vis à vis the Board.

Snow Removal

The Treasurer indicated that  it costs approximately $1,100 to plow the entire Ranch.  The Secretary
undertook to establish the cost per mile with Marvin Mundt.


The Secretary sought approval of a figure of $127.35 to host the site, per year, from Lunarpages, inc.  
Vice-president moved to approve; on second, motion carried.  The site will consist of a home page, sections
for minutes of the annual meeting, Board meetings and a document archive.  Eventually, there will be
segments for member input, and references regarding local contractors, and a reference page for covenants
and by-laws of the Association.

Board Member Functions

The membership should be made aware that emergency matters should be referred to emergency services,
and property disputes between members should be resolved by them individually, and failing that, to their
respective attorney.  Board members should be consulted for grazing and road matters only.

Mail Box

The lock on the Association mail box has been changed, as approved at the prior meeting.  Motion to provide
new keys to the Treasurer and Vice-president was proposed by the Vice-president.  On second, motion was

Bank Accounts

As approved at the previous meeting, the Vice-President and Treasurer now have signing authority.

Other Business

The fence on Lot 67 has now been moved, as detailed in the previous meeting.

The Board will seek information from Mr. mundt as to whether he still has a customer for the unusable rock at
the gravel pit.

On motion from the Secretary and second, meeting was adjourned at 1.15 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw

Secretary, TPRA