TPRA Board of Directors meeting by email
June 12, 2014

Proposal from Ray Lyons:

We have discussed getting some help for Lynn for some time
and Lynn has been quite patient as we try to come up with an
equitable solution to the work load of the Treasurer.  

We discussed having Rusty's wife do the data entry last year
however that did not come to be due to schedule conflicts so
I understand.

There is a lady I know quite well who is qualified to do
what Lynn needs so as to free up her time so she can have a
life back.  Last Sunday JoAnn, Lynn, Bob and I met in
Hartsel to discuss what Lynn would expect JoAnn to do and
make sure JoAnn felt sure that it was with in her skills as
well as be something she could do efficiently.

JoAnn is a resident and owns property on Co. Rd. 53. She has
lived there many years.  She has roots in the Hartsel area
and will not be moving out just because of harsh winters or

The meeting ended with a very positive expectation.

With that introduction, this is the proposal - to take the
load off Lynn.

Lynn would maintain....
1.  Go thru the mail,
2.  Deposit the checks and make copies of the checks and
only the copies would go to JoAnn for various dues paid, lot
#, and address verification.
3.  Put together the packets of information for JoAnn to go
thru, sort out, and enter in the books.
4.  Writing TPRA checks and paying bills.
(All actual money transactions would stay with Lynn

JoAnn would...
1.  Reconcile dues and payments, (including address changes,
lot owner changes, person paying the dues changing, so on
and so forth.)
2.  Take the copies of the checks Lynn sends her and enter
them to the books,
3.  Print and mail late notices,
4.  Driveway snow clearing list,
5.  Reconcile QuickBooks with the bank statements,
6.  Owner questions regarding lot accounting, reality
questions, and title company inquires.

Lynn will keep the updated books on her computer.  Lynn
wants Joann to have a TPRA computer for data entry and
copies of the updated books will be given to Lynn via a
thumb drive each month.

Bob has agreed to help locate a good refurbished computer
which I have found to be in the $350 to $500 range.  I have
bought several off with excellent success.

We will have to put the same version of QuickBooks on the
data entry computer that Lynn has so everything is
compatible.  This also gives us back up in the event Lynn's
computer ever crashes.  I understand the QuickBooks program
will run +/- $300.

Equipment cost to start should be from $650 to $900.

JoAnn has agreed to the $15 per hour rate the board
discussed previously.

I believe we all agree that Lynn's desire to have the books
complete and accurate as well as to have the association
following the IRS rules is what has caused this excessive
work load.  I also know that none of us want to go back to
the days where some notes and deposit slips are put in a box
and that what is handed to the next treasurer.

M/S/C to approve the above.