TPRA Board of Directors meeting by email
May 11, 2014

Proposal from Dennis,Eric, and Ray:

Because we all have other things going on in our lives, we have had some difficulty having an in person board
meeting.  In order to try and get things moving, and not in an attempt to exclude anyone or any input, Ray, Eric
and I got together today and discussed what projects, in our opinion, needed to be done and what would be a
reasonable budget.

As we understood our finances, there is approximately $21,000.00 in the bank. I just got $7,500.00 from
Raphael for the first 1/2 of the our cattle lease payment.  This gives us about $28,500.00 to work with.  Our
snow blower payment is something less than $7,000.00.  Lynn believes that we should reserve about
$5,000.00 for taxes.  This leaves us with a net of  $16,500.00.  We should expect another $7,500.00 from
Raphael in November for the cattle lease.  This give us $24,000.00 for winter and summer work.

Based upon these assumptions, we discussed the following projects:

Snow removal


Road markers/delineators

Drainage dips

Snow Fencing

Road base/materials

Based upon what we have done in the past, we discussed a snow budget of $10,000.00 and a summer
maintenance budget of $10,000.00

Snow Fence:

If we can get used snow fence donated from CDOT as we have in the past, snow fence installed is $3.00 per
Ray and Eric drove the ranch and found 7 miles of areas that could use snow fence.  This would cost over
$100,000.00 but if we do a little bit each year, we can at least address the issue.

We agreed that each of the following areas should get 300 feet of snow fence this year:  Santa Maria & Antero;
the corner on Antero going to Kingsford that acts as a snow catch;  between Rusty and Joe's house; Santa
Maria and High Creek.  This would cost $3,600.00.  $900.00 of this for Santa Maria and High Creek is in
progress now because Ray sent out that proposal earlier and no one objected to it.

Grading:  In the past, when we hired other outside contractors to grade, we would spend $10,000.00 if we could
get them to come out, and we would only get one pass on the roads.  With Ray doing the grading, it costs
about $1,000.00 to do one pass on the roads, so we decided to budget $4,000.00 this summer for grading.  
We also discussed the South Fork problem where about 1/4 mile of the road is a mess because of the bog and
surrounding water that makes the road soggy.  Ray, as part of the grading project, will pull the ditches on South
Fork to put more material on the road.  This will, hopefully, help shore up the road.  In future years, if we can
screen gravel out of our gravel pit, we can haul more material to that road and other roads, but as of now all we
can afford to do is pull the ditches.

Drainage Dip:

When the snow melts, there are several corners that turn into mud swamps because the water has nowhere to
cross the road.  Culverts are one solution, but they have problems because ice and debris clog them.  Another
solution is to put a dip into the road and put cement in the dip so that the water will have a place to cross the
road.  Ray estimated this would cost $900.00 for labor and materials.  We budgeted $1,000.00 in case the
estimate is not enough.  We agreed that we should pick one spot to try this and see if it works.  We agreed to
put it on the corner of Salt Trail and Santa Maria.

Road Markers/Delineators:  When the snow covers the roads, it is hard to see where the road is and where the
ditch is.  This obviously creates a problem for the blower and other vehicles.  We have talked about this for
several years.  It is time to  get started.  T-Posts with reflective tape would work.  We agreed that a budget of
$500.00 for labor and materials should be allocated.

Gravel screening:  We agreed that if there is any money left over from the budgeted money, it should be put
aside for a fund to make a gravel screener.

As recap, we propose that the following budget be approved, with Ray being hired to do the work:

Available Funds                                $24,000.00

Winter maintenance                      -   $10,000.00

Snow Fence                                  -    $  3,600.00

Grading                                        -     $  4,000.00

Drainage Dip                                -    $   1,000.00

Road Markers                               -     $     500.00

Balance Left                                       $  4,900.00

We also talked about expanding our cattle lease operation by developing water sources on the north side and
the southwest side.  If these areas are developed, we might be able to expect another $10,000.00 in cattle
lease income.  Right now a solar pump and panel is about $3,000.00.  I will contact the NRCS to see if there is
any funding available for this project.

M/S/C to approve the above proposal.