Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Via Email
December 1, 2013

Members participating:
Dennis Kist,  Eric Witzak, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Ray Lyons

Lynn moved that TPRA pay $3,000.00 on the principal for the loan against the snowblower.  M/S/C
Lynn moved that TPRA continue the prior snow removal policy for driveways.  M/S/C
Lynn reported that TPRA has the following balances in the bank:
Checking                                         $   1,324.87
Savings                                           $  40,728.56
Reg DDA - non personal                 $      
Total                                                $  42,153.43

Commercial Loan Balance:              $  14,010.99

Respectfully submitted,
Dennis Kist