Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Via Email
October 11, 2013

Members participating:
Dennis Kist, Rusty Evans, Eric Witzak, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Ray Lyons

Ray Lyons, who has been hired as contractor to grade the roads in the summer and move snow in the winter, has
requested a $5,000.00 downpayment on work to be performed in 2013-2014.  Ray has also notified that Board
that while his normal charge for grader work is $125.00 per hour, he will discount that rate for the Ranch down to
$100.00 per hour.  The Ranch will also be the first priority for grader work.  
M/S/C to approve Ray’s request.  Ray Lyons abstained from voting.

Respectfully submitted
Dennis Kist