Minutes of the special meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on Thursday,
September 7, 2006, at 7.00 pm.

Present: Dennis Kist, Sandra Hagan, Beth Brubaker, Malcolm Shaw; Absent: Ed Schade.

Call to order: 7:10 pm.

Cattle Lease

1.      The president called Mr. Wagner concerning his lack of payment of lease monies.  Lessee maintains he has
sent this to the former president, in accordance with the latter’s instructions.  This contravenes the terms of the
interim lease enacted by the prior Board, and has the appearance of a unilateral action brought about by the prior

2.      The Lessee maintains that he has signed a 5-year lease with the prior president, after the Annual meeting.  
This again, if true, would be a unilateral action, unauthorized by either the prior Board or the present one, in
contravention of the resolution enacted by the prior Board, to complete a year-to-year lease.  The contract, if it
exists, is therefore illicit and non-binding on the present and the prior Board members, jointly or severally.

3.      The Lessee, when asked for a copy of the 5-year lease, refused this on the grounds that the Board had no
legality, and insinuated that he would retain counsel if it moved to challenge the status of his grazing rights.

4.      After discussion, the Secretary moved that the president be granted full and complete power to consult with
the Association’s attorney to seek declaratory and any other relief needed, to legally empower the Board to act on
Board matters, including but not limited to action regarding the grazing lease.  On second, motion was carried.


1.     The Secretary informed the meeting that he had received estimates for the construction of the website, of
$500-700, plus maintenance and hosting fees.  The vice-president moved to approve this expenditure and create
the website, using suitable nomenclature, with immediate effect.  On second, motion was carried.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that she has received $1000.00 per month for August and September from Terry

Other business

The Secretary moved to remove Mr. Schade’s name from signature authority on the Association bank accounts,
and to replace it with that of the vice-president.  On second, motion carried.

The Secretary moved to allow Treasurer to pay the outstanding rent on the Post Office box, and change the lock
as a precautionary measure.

Treasurer moved to reschedule the expense of financial audit/review, pending the legal adjudication referred to
under “Cattle Lease” above.

Next meeting was reconfirmed for 23 September at 11.00am.

On motion from the Treasurer and second, meeting was adjourned at 9.00 pm.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw

Secretary, TPRA