June 22, 2013
South Park Recreation Center

Meeting called to order 4:00 pm

Lynn addressed the board to see if she could hire an assistant for data entry, verification of current address for
current land owners, processing 1099 forms, and imputing payments into the quick books. Since the by-laws
prevent any board member to be financially compensated for current potions, this portion of the treasurer has
exceeded the scope of volunteering to a point that it interferes with her job. An assistant hired at 15 dollars per
hour, will be cheaper than paying the current CPA by 35 dollars per hour. M/S/C  to approve 3,000 for hiring an
assistant to help the Treasurer. The board also discussed hiring Chris Evans, as she has experience with quick
books, also lives on the ranch year round, and will be able to go to the post office on a daily basis if needed. Board
approved the hiring of the new assistant to Lynn. Rusty abstained from the vote.

Next topic was roads.
Roads that are in need of priority repair are as follows. South Fork, due to the marsh area.  We will get some cobble
form the TPRA gravel pit for a stabilization layer then topped with road base. Also needing some attention is
Parmalee to Rogers and TPRA road by the Quonset garage.

Ray and Eric made a proposal for building a screen deck at the TPRA owned gravel pit. Discussion centered on
doing some research on purchasing a used screen deck, or building one ourselves. We also discussed the
pros/cons on equipment needed to execute the screening process. Due to the large cost of purchasing and
maintaining loaders and or dozers, it was determined that short term rental would be most cost effective. The board
will reconvene in 30 days to discuss the direction of a screen deck.

The board also discussed the need for a rock rake to aid in road grading. As we all know, the ranch has less than
desirable soils for road building, but the rock rake will help remove any unwanted rocks on the roadway. Joe Austin
will do follow up on locating, pricing and reporting back to the board on the most cost effective rock rake the ranch
can purchase.

Dennis will check on pricing for solar water pump which will be located at the SW corner of the ranch.
Discussion on adding cattle guard SW corner of ranch by Quonset hut.
The board will reconvene in 30 days to discuss topics discussed today, and further action that needs to be taken.

Meeting adjourned 4:30 pm

Submitted by

Rusty Evans