Minutes of
Annual Meeting for
Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
June 22, 2013

Meeting called to order at 2pm

All board members present. Ray Lyons, Eric Witzak, Dennis Kist, Rusty Evans, Lynn Dragonfly
13 land owners also present.
1.        Open meeting: A quorum was declared to be present.  No challenge was raised to the presence of a quorum.
2012 minutes read by Dennis Kist, motion made and carried to approve minutes.
2.        Ranch Improvements: Ray Lyons reported regarding the snow fence that had been installed.  M/S/C to
accept report.
3.        Treasurer’s Report:  Lynn LaFluer-Dragonfly reported:

July 1, 2012 through June 1, 2013

Ordinary Income/Expense
      Annual Dues                                37,300.00
      Driveway Snow Removal                      300.00
      Grazing                                15,000.00
      Late Fees                                   1,950.00
      Non-collectible dues & late fees        -  2,450.00
Total Income                                        52,100.00

      Accounting Fees                          1,843.35
      Cattle Guards                                  1,200.00
      Contract Labor                          3,686.00
      Legal Fees                                       91.20
      Materials                                  2,011.00
      Newsletter Expense                             271.75
      Owner Drive Way Materials                    -500.00
      Postage                                       62.40
      Reconcilliation Discrepancies          1,794.37
      Road Maintenance                          2,111.50
      Road Maintenance Labor                  7,497.50
      Snow Removal Labor                          6,082.92
      Snowblower Maintenance Parts          5,421.95
      Tax Payment                                  5,970.00
Total Expenses                                37,543.94

Net Ordinary Income                                14,556.06
Other Income/Expenses
      Other Income        
              Interest Income                       22.29
Total Other Income                                       22.29

Net Other Income                                       22.29

Net Income                                        14,578.35

As of June 21, 2013

      Current Assets
              Checking/Savings                48,581.82
              Accounts Receivable                49,777.59
      Total Current Assets                        98,359.41

Total Assets                                        98,359.41

              Current Liabilities                
              Other Current Liabilities        20,066.45

      Total Current Liabilities                20,066.45

      Total Liabilities                        20,066.45
      Equity                                        78,292.96

TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                98,359.41

Conversion to Quick Books has been completed
•        Complete entry of all transactions for 2011, 2012 and 2013 to date have been entered
•        All unpaid lots invoices have been entered

•        Paper trail exists for all fiscal years

•        Archives of legacy "spreadsheet" are maintained by fiscal year with paper trail
•        Reports included today
o        Summary Balance Sheet - July 1, 2012 - June 21, 2013
•        Current Liabilities for $20066.45 is the balance due on the snow blower
o        Profit and Loss - July 1, 2012 - June 21, 2013
•        Reconciliation  Discrepancies $1794.73

•        $1094.37 -Adjusted balance on snow blower loan to account for
accrued interest. Need to work with account on proper way to do this.
•        $500 - recommended fix to error made recording lot owner
re imbursement for driveway road base materials.

•        $200 - fix for 2010 payment entered into QB that could not be reconciled since 2010 not fully entered .
•        Tax payments include quarterly payments for 2013 + 2012 taxes.
•        Snow blower parts was mostly related to new "skis"
•        To facilitate generation of 1099 forms in January new expense accounts were created to separate labor. 2012
entries not edited to reflect this change. Therefore, some labor entries remain under the generic "Contract Labor".

Question from home owners inquiring about collecting past due payments, input from board members on collection
process, explaining delicate balance between spending money to collect money. There was also some conversation
on the legal issues related to changing the by-lays to aid the ranch to report non dues to the county instead of the
ranch spending due's money.

4.        Presidents report:  Dennis Kist reported:
Cattle Lease.          Rafael Ezparza holds the lease with the Ranch.  Under the terms of the lease, Esparza puts out
500 head of yearlings for 5 months, and the ranch receives $15,000.00. Ezparza has been an excellent partner.  He
pays on time and we have received no complaints about him.  He has asked that we look into a water source on the
south end of the ranch so that the number of cattle can be increase and the grass can be utilized.   This is a
situation that the board will look into.
Budget.        Last year, meaning 2011-2012, the Board budgeted $10,500.00 for snow removal last year.  Due to
the drought, that budget was not used.  This year, due to the drought and late snow, little was expended on snow
removal.  The board will meet to decide what will be spent on road maintenance this summer.
Deadman Rd.  At last year’s meeting, several of the attendees asked that Deadman Rd. be looked at to fix a few
spots.  The grader was sent out and repaired a few spots.  For an unimproved road, it is in pretty good shape.
5.        Road Report:           Eric Witzak reported:

Eric has put the motor grader on a monthly schedule to grade the highest traffic roads on the ranch. Budget and
improvements upcoming will be discussed at the board meeting to immediately follow the annual meeting.
6.        Elections:.  Current Board was nominated.  No other nominations. M/S/C  to close nominations. Motion to
instruct Secretary to issue a white ballot in favor of the uncontested nominees and to elect them by acclamation.  
Seconded.  Carried.
7.        Old  Buisness: Question from the floor as to possibility of posting 30MPH speed limit signs at specific areas
on the ranch.  Dennis and Ray will follow up on the cost of a solar pump for cattle watering, located near the SW
side of the ranch. This will enable the ranch to bring more cattle to the ranch and increase revenue.
8.        Unfinished Business:  None.

Meeting adjourned at 2:50 pm

Submitted by

Rusty Evans