TPRA  Board Meeting  Jan 22, 2012

Attendance by Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons,Eric Witzak, Bob &Lynn Dragonfly, Rusty Evans

1:15 pm Meeting Open

First discussion is Roads, Report by Eric
At the present time, the ranch is keeping up as best we can, with current weather conditions and condition of the
blower and the motor grader. The blower has some current maintenance issues that are being addressed. The
cutting head has incurred some damage recently, and the parts have to be custom made, and that is on a 30 turn
around, but the blower is usable but not 100 %. We expect the majority of the parts to come in the upcoming week
and get the majority of the repairs made, while waiting on the remainder parts to show up and finalize the repairs.

Eric also feels as well as everyone else, that we need to invest in more snow fence along some of the problem
areas, now that we are seeing some additional revenue. He believes he can get some used snow fence donated to
the ranch by CDOT, so we can put the installation of T-Post and fence out for bid. The bid will be for installation per
Linear foot, but location is still to be determined. Dennis will put this information on the web to notify land owners of
our intentions.

The board has also set a budget for snow removal at $10,500. M/S/C. This number was determined by the average
cost of operation every use and an estimate of monthly usage. This allows for funds to be directed for summer
maintenance, which will be needed this spring. We all agree that we have a very limited amount of money to spend
and mother nature really dictates how the money is allocated.
Lynn raised a valid point with interest payments on the blower, to also save money. If we have funds left over from
the snow removal budget, to allocate those funds, $2,500 to $3,000 to pay down the interest on the bank note. This
motion was approved.

The cost for full time residents driveways was agreed for $100.00 per year, every time the blower is out doing ranch
roads. It was also agreed that any non-resident that wanted snow removal outside of the normal operation will be
charged $75.00 per hour, assuming the underlying road is suitable for the blower. The blower operator will be
responsible to keep track of extra work and report to Lynn for billing.  M/S/C.

It was also approved to have Acorn Petroleum fill the fuel tank the next time delivery was available. M/S/C.

Treasurer’s report.
As of January 20,2012   $1,262.58 in Checking   $58,955.60 in Savings
Lynn is waiting for an invoice from Jill the accountant, and she expects the invoice to be approximately $1,000.00.
In order to minimize excessive paperwork, it was discussed and agreed that a canceled check for yearly dues will
also be the receipt for the land owner.
The preliminary date for the yearly meeting was set for June 23rd.     This Date is pending availability of meeting

Cattle lease
Rafael Esparza will be contacted about negotiating a multi-year grazing lease.  The court has barred Vern Wagner
from owning or managing cattle and therefore a new lessee is needed.
It was noted that Esparza was prompt in paying his bill in 2011, and the ranch looks forward to doing business with
him in the future.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45  

Rusty Evans