P.O BOX 10

Thousand Peaks Homeowners' Association
Attn: Dennis Kist
P.O. Box 817
Fairplay, CO 80440

April 12, 2010

To Homeowners Association and all property owners of Thousand Peaks subdivision:

In the past few years I have received numerous complaints concerning the road conditions and the
road maintenance program at Thousand Peaks. In the past I have met with your homeowners'
association hoard of directors concerning this matter. I realize the financial constraints and
burdens of snow removal and road maintenance. However, I continue to receive complaints
concerning the road conditions, mainly during the winter months.

It needs to be understood that Hartsel Fire will make every attempt to respond if called to an
emergency in your area but due to road conditions our response can be delayed or stalled, further
complicating your emergency situation;. If it should become necessary to have the county bring in a
snow plow to clear the road so that we will have access it would delay our response time
considerably. The county charges for the snow plow would be the responsibility for the property
owner having the emergency.

Please let this letter serve as a warning to all property owners that if the situation concerning the
road conditions is not corrected, further action by the fire department will become necessary.

Please feel free to contact me concerning this matter.

Thank you,

Chief Jay Hutchison
Hartsel Fire Protection District.

cc: Richard Lyons
Park County Building Dept.
South Park Ambulance, attn; Paul Matteson
Park County Board of County Commissioners
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