Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
Board of Directors Meeting
By Telephone
October 9-12, 2011

The issue of what is happening with the summer road maintenance was raised.  The Board had previously approved
$10,000.00 for road work this year.  Eric Witzak reported that he had made arrangements with Leon Lutts to grade
certain portions of the ranch and to add road material to Fourmile Creek Road.  Witzak reported that Lutts has now
told him that he would not be able to do the work until the spring of 2012.  Rusty Evans reported that he had made
contact with Bob Wheeler, who had previously done road work on the ranch and that Wheeler would not be able to do
the work until mid October.  It was reported by both Witzak and Evans that because we only had $10,000.00 to spend,
our project was put on the back burner by those who could perform the work.  Dennis Kist asked Ray Lyons, who has
had previous road experience to investigate to see if he could put together a plan as to how we could get the road
work done for the amount we had.  Lyons reported that he had many hours on a road grader and that he had located
a road grader in Colorado Springs that could be delivered for the sum of $7,500.00.    It was proposed by Kist that the
Board contract with Lyons to do the road work for $10,000.00, which would include approximately 88 hours of grading
work and the rest, if feasible, to provide road materials on some needed areas.  If the entire $10,000.00 was not used,
Lyons would return the balance.  Lyons agreed that he would charge $85.00 per hour as opposed to $125.00 or more
being charged by road maintenance companies.   Lyons would purchase the road grader which would make it
available to the ranch in the future at a lower rate and when we needed it.  In the future, Lyons could also grade after
it rains so that the material would have moisture and not blow away.  This is an advantage that the Association would
not have with an outside contractor.  In the past, contractors either graded and watched the material blow away, or
brought a water truck out at an additional cost.  Evans and Lyons agreed that it made sense to obtain the grader and
then look for a “rock rake” in the near future which would remove the large boulders pulled up by the grader.  Evans
would also investigate the feasibility of renting a machine that would let us use the materials in the gravel pit on the
Association’s parcel, which would allow the Association to get road material substantially cheaper for the ranch.  Lyons
also agreed that after he purchased the grader, that if the Association wanted in the next year or two, that the
Association could purchase the grader at the same cost as what he will pay.

By a 4-0 vote, with Lyons not voting, the Board approved to contract with Ray Lyons for $10,000.00 to grade the
roads on the ranch and apply whatever road material is available for the price.

Dennis Kist