TPRA  Board of Directors Meeting
April 9, 2011

Meeting called to order 3:08 PM

In attendance, Board members Dennis Kist, Rusty Evans, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Eric Witzak, Ray Lyons.
Non-Members Bob Dragonfly, Rafael Esparza.

Cattle Lease. Rafael came to the meeting to get details on putting yearlings on the ranch, as the board members
need to supplement the lost revenue due to Vern Wagner's legal troubles.
He has stated that he would like to put a minimum of 200 head on the ranch from approximate dates from mid May to
mid September. He has no interest in leaving cattle on the ranch during the winter months. With the exception of a
minor change in the lease, giving the ranch 50% up front and final payment at the end, the board sees no issues with
this arrangement. Rafael will make the final decision and let Dennis know. At this time, the board has no clear answer
on payment from Vern, but Dennis will be in touch with Vern's new attorney to find additional options for past due
funds. The board is seeking additional revenue options to replace delinquent  lease payments.

Due to minimal cattle on the ranch, Ray Lyons asked the board if he could put 5 horses on the ranch for grazing this
summer. Discussion included fair price for horses vs cattle. The current rate for cattle is 12.00 cow/calf or two
yearlings or one bull. It was determined that 20.00 was an appropriate equal. This would be an additional 100.00 per
month based on a similar time frame as discussed with Rafael. Motion second and approved

Discussion started with addressing the highest traveled areas in distress. Importation of road base has proven a
viable way to improve areas where working material does not exist. Re-grading certain are futile, as rock relocation is
not an improvement, so the Fourmile Creek  to High Creek, and as far as Santa Maria will get the most attention.
Wheeler custom grading was the last contractor to grade roads, and will be invited back to participate, as he did
quality work at a fair price. Rusty will get in contact with him, after Eric and Rusty determine specific locations to be
addressed. It was noted that one load of base needed to be placed on South Fork, south of Bare Trail due to poor
conditions the last two years.
The board approved a budget of $10,000.00 be allocated for road maintenance this year. As of this date of the
meeting, the ranch has not had to spend any money on snow removal this year.

As a result of the EQUIP program, cross fencing has been completed, but the need for a cattle guard still exists. Ray
has priced them, and the cost of a pre-fab guard is in excess of $3,000 plus freight. Ray has agreed to build and
install a cattle guard for the ranch, located in the area of Salt Trail and Antero.   This is a turn key project for 2,500
dollars. Motion second and approved.

Due to an exceptionally dry winter, and no snow, the only fair option for property owners was to issue a refund for
anyone who paid for snow removal in advance. Motion second and approved

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Rusty Evans