TPRA Board of Directors Meeting

January 30, 2011

Meeting start @ 12:45pm

In attendance, Dennis Kist, Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly, Eric Witzak, Ray Lyons and Rusty Evans. Non board members,
Joe Austin, Bob  Dragonfly and Vern Wagner.

Previous meeting minutes approved.

Snow Blower.
A current route needs established, due to several people who are not on the ranch during the winter months. There
is a family on Bare trail east of the Austin house that is currently building so Bare trail will be cleared to that
driveway. This will also include Rogers to Hwy 24. From there, down to Parmalee and down to the Martinez
driveway. Back out to 24 and get Reinecker, and any current paid private drives.
Return back to Antero and go past Lynn Glaser's old place and proceed to the Kingsford driveway on salt ranch.
Back to the east and clear to the Kimsey resident and continue to Bob Evans driveway.
Proceed back to Santa Maria and Four mile creek to Hwy 9. This will also include Badger creek, and High creek.  
Currently the only ranch resident to pre pay for driveway removal is Lynn and Bob Dragonfly.
Other news, the blower is serviced and ready for work. The fuel tank has approx 250 gallons, and the blower is full
of fuel.

Cattle Lease. Vern Wagner was in attendance to explain payment options.
Vern filed for Chapter 12 bankruptcy. Vern was very apologetic for the loss of cows from last year’s long winter.   
The next court date is Feb 8th and will mainly be for proof of claim.
Dennis started with the meeting with one question for Vern. When is the ranch going to get paid. At the current time,
the court has all of his assets tied up, and he has no clear idea when the funds will be released, but assured the
ranch that we are going to get paid. Dennis will get in touch with Verns lawyer to get some idea of his repayment
plan. Vern also stated that in the spring ( or fall ) with the courts permission, have a sale of horse's or existing cattle
for payment based on events that transpire between now and April 1st. 2011.
Ray Lyons also proposed that he will probably make an investment to acquire 200 head and would like to put them
on the ranch at the same price Vern is paying now. The Board decided to wait on any action with Vern until April 1st,
to allow the court system to continue with the chapter 12. If there has been no resolve or payment by April 1st, the
board has no choice to terminate the cattle lease with Vern Wagner and proceed with legal action for payment. At
this time the ranch will also proceed in looking for a new cattle lease with someone else.  The board will schedule
another meeting in March to follow up and re-evaluate the situation. Rusty will also call Rafael Esparza to see if he
still has interest in a cattle lease. Current pricing is 12.00 Cow/calf, 2 calf's, or one bull.

Yearly meeting date has been set for June 25th at the Rec center in Fairplay.
The board decided to have the Business Connection print and mail the proxy's cattle lease and dues to all current
land owners. Delinquent land owners will only receive a dues notice.

Treasurer’s Report
$ 1,231 current balance
$ 2,440 checking balance
$ 16,901 savings
$ 250.00 deposit into checking on 1-15-2011
Jill the accountant will send out the 1099's to all that provided a service for the ranch.
She is working on the Annual review and Taxes. The yearly report is based on the Accounts Annual report which will
be put on a spread sheet for viewing which will basically scrap the treasurer's report.
Lynn is having trouble getting to the post office box on a weekly basis, and to avoid legal documents being returned
to sender, Dennis will give his key to Eric, who has the opportunity to get the mail every day.

Meeting adjourned 2:50 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Rusty Evans