TPRA Meeting Aug 14th 2010

In Attendance Dennis Kist, Lynn and Bob Dragonfly, George and Nancy Biggs, Vern Wagner, and Rusty Evans, and
Eric Witzak and Ray Lyons

Election of officers
Dennis Kist- President
Ray Lyons – Vice President
Rusty Evans - Secretary
Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly -Treasurer
Eric Witzak – Member At Large (will be in charge of roads)

Cattle lease. Current head count 250 on the ranch now.
Vern spoke about being behind on his payment, but things are improving. Vern has gone to the Governor and thinks
this is good for him. Vern has not paid for June, July, and Aug is drawing near. Last months as of now Aug has not
been paid He is 6000 dollars behind, and will be 9000 by the end of the month.
He has funds tied up with the courts. If he cannot get things worked out soon, he is willing to take the amount due,
and with our permission put a feeder’s lien on the amount due. He does not want to do this, but it will be up to the
board to determine how long we are willing to wait. He may have to put up an extra couple of months on the feeders
lien to get by until he sells calves in November. This is the worst-case scenario, but he assures the board that he will
be caught up by November.

Financial report   Savings 15,564.72
Checking 148.63
Three invoice bills from Ed Hartshorne, all related to back dues totaling  $70.15, $60.27, and $78.21.
Motion to approve, second by Dennis to pay Ed.  Approved
Motion to approve 3 hrs of Jill Fishing, to help Lynn get an actual accounting system set up. Second by Eric.   
What to do with Suljak.
We received a check for 62.50 and the attorney fee was greater than what is owed, so the decision was made to
cash the check and not sign the lien waver.

Eric will be in charge of the roads; Rusty will drive the Blower for now, but will train Eric and Ray for back up.
Motion to approve a 250.00 per drive way per snow season. Per inspection by Ray Lyons
Homeowners will be responsible for delineation of edge of road, and homeowners will be responsible for unforeseen
hazard causing damage to the blower.

Budget of $5,000.00 for the season was established.
10 run at 500 dollars, plus a educated guess in hopes of receiving 2500 for driveways for a total of 15 runs.
Motion to approve 400 dollars approved for a scheduled PM and purchase grease gun and grease.

Discussion to keep the current status with Joanne Mills. The board feels that we could use the addition 250 dollars
for the blower, so if she decides to pay this fee, we will blow her drive way.

EQUIP Program
Nothing to report until Ray meets with Leon Kott.

Motion to end meeting.
MSC at 935pm