Minutes of
Annual Meeting for
Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
June 20, 2010

Meeting Opened at 2:00 p.m.

Quorum present with 22 lots represented by physical attendance, and 70+ proxies sent in and presented to the
Secretary.  No challenge was raised to the presence of a quorum.

Minutes of 2009 Annual Meeting not read, but have been posted on the internet for owners to read and review.

Environmental Quality Improvement Program:  Vice President Ray Lyons reported:
We continue to work with the Department of Agriculture to improve the grazing capacity and quality of our ranch.
Our next objectives are to install an additional cross fence separating the Timber Ridge pasture from the
Fourmile Creek pasture as well as install automatic gates or cattle guards where we now have gates across
roads.  We plan also in the future to increase the water availability in the south west section of the ranch by
improving existing ponds and a windmill.
There are funds in place to replace a portion of the costs for these improvements however available funding
from our finances will dictate our ability to proceed with any and all of these plans.  
The final objective is to implement specific pasture guidelines and policies regulating the conditions which will
dictate the cattle turn out and round up dates depending on the grass conditions in each pasture.
Vern Wagner used his crew last fall to help put in the long north south cross fence which finished dividing the
Platte River pasture on the west side from the Timber Ridge pasture.
When these projects are completed we will be able to increase the animal units by 100 to 200 which would
increase our available funds for winter maintenance and road improvements.
The agricultural use of our ranch is of course critical to each of us from the tax standpoint as well as the ranch
improvement funding.
M/S/C to accept report.

Treasurers Report:  Presented by Treasurer Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly:
Treasurer's Report July 1, 2009 through June 18, 2010
Bank Account Status
             Checking Balance. June 27, 2009                                   $        81.72
             Savings Balance, June 27, 2009                                     
$ 32.566.07
                                                                                                     $ 32,647.79

Income     Dues, Late Fees, Lien Payments                                    $ 23,500.00
             Cattle Lease                                                                    $19,200.00
             Driveway plowing                                                             $   1,100.00
             CO State Tax refund                                                       $          9.00
             Road Base Reimbursement for driveways                       $   1,180.00
             EQUIP Grant                                                                    $    6,795.00
 $      111. 00
                                                                                                      $ 51,895.00

             Legal Fees                                                                        $   1.129.63
             Road Work                                                                        $ 20,427.38
             Snow Removal                                                                  $    6,915.60
             Taxes.                                                                               $    1,756.00
             Bond                                                                                 $       170.00
             Postage/PO Box                                                                $       220.20
             Fuel                                                                                   $    2,581.19
             Equipment Maintenance                                                    $    5,565.32
     `        Equipment Purchase (tank & generator)                          $    1,509.70
             Grazing in exchange for Ranch Improvements                  $  14,700.00
             EQUIP/Ranch Improvements                                             $   6,795.00
             Meeting Room Rental                                                       
$        30.00
                                                                                                      $ 61,800.02

Cash in hand
             Checking Balance, June 18, 2010                                     $   1,078.61
             Savings Balance. June 18, 2010                                      
 $ 15,486.84
                                                                                                       $ 16,565.45

Outstanding Dues at June 27, 2010
             2005 and older + legal fees                                                 $ 10,728.16
             2006-07 Dues + late fees through 2010-11                         $   3,125.00
             2007 -08 Dues + late fees through 2010-11                        $   7,025.00
             2009-09 Dues + late fees through 2010-11                         $    5,250.00
             2009-10 Dues + late fees through 2010-11                         $    7,905.00
             2010-11 Dues + late fees through 2010-11                         
$  11,250.00
                                                                                                         $ 45,283.16

• Taxes - Dues are tax exempt for non-profit organization.
Grazing revenue is NOT tax exempt

Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly offered anyone the ability to review the check register for all checks issued.   She also
reported that she is working on the ability to post the financial records on-line so that any property owner can
review the books and records with a temporary password.

Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly also reported that as we enter owner’s emails into a database we can email rather than
mail annual notices and save on mailing expenses.

M/S/C to accept Treasurer’s report.

President’s Report: President Dennis Kist reported:
1.        Website.  The website, TPRACOLO.COM, has been revised.  On the home page you will find the following

Latest News
Who We Are
Board of Directors
Minutes of Board of Directors
Minutes of Annual Meeting of Property Owners
Financial Reports
TPRA Declaration Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions
Bylaws of Thousand Peaks Ranch Association
Uranium Mining in Park County
Snow Policy
Board Policies
Thousand Peaks News Letter Regarding Purchase of Snow Blower
Cattle Lease
Link To Park County’s “Reality of Winter Living in Park County”
Link To Park County’s Right To Farm and Ranch” Resolution

2.  Cattle Lease
     The cattle lease was renewed with Vern Wagner and runs from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2012.   
The lease provides for 100 per month, unless otherwise mutually agreed to between the parties. A "head" is
defined as (1) a cow/calfpair, (2) one bull, or (3) a pair of yearlings.  For that amount of cattle, we receive
$1200.00 per month.  The Board and Mr. Wagner have agreed to increase the amount to 200 head per month,
for which the association receives $2400.00 per month.  Also during the past 3 years, the Board has agreed to
allow winter grazing as well.  This past year it was agreed with Mr. Wagner that the winter grazing fee would be
$9.00 per head per month, or $1800.00 per month.

     As anyone who lives on the ranch knows, this past winter was very long.  It lasted from November through
April.  The temperatures were not necessary extreme, but it was consistently cold for most of the winter.  An
issue arose between Wagner and Park County regarding the care of the cattle on Thousand Peaks and
elsewhere.  It has been claimed that there were 30 or 40 dead cattle on Thousand Peaks.  The fact is that there
may have been a dozen or less.  If we are to maintain the agricultural status for our land owners, it is a fact that
we must have a livestock lease on the Ranch.  And another reality is that livestock die, particularly through a
long winter such as we had this year.  Although Park County has targeted Wagner,  the fact is that cattlemen all
over the county lost more livestock than usual.  In fact, the United States Department of Agricultural predicted
last fall that the winter would be harsh and there would be unusually high numbers of lost beef cattle, regardless
of whether they were on the range or in confinement.

     We have received a few comments from landowners inquiring if we were going to continue winter grazing,
continue our lease with Wagner, or even continue livestock grazing at all.  Well, the fact is that if we are to keep
agricultural tax status, we have to have a livestock lease and livestock grazing.  And Wagner’s lease continues
through 2012 so we have no cause under the lease to try and void it.  And as far as the winter grazing is
concerned, we have a choice to make.  If we want to increase our revenue to address the ever continuing issue
of snow removal and road maintenance, then winter grazing increases our income to help with road
maintenance.  If do not allow winter grazing, then those of you always complaining with have more to complain
about.   As we posted on the website, the irony is that those that complained about dead cattle this winter, and
who actually assisted Park County in its efforts to put Wagner out of business, are also some of the first ones
complaining about snow on the roads.   And now that the County has sold the cattle on Thousand Peaks, we will
only be receiving $1200 a month, rather than $2400 a month until Wagner can put cattle back on the ranch.  
Obviously this again means less money for road maintenance.

     Vice President Ray Lyons spoke in regard to the Wagner matter and explained that with the long winter that
we had this year, all cattle ranchers had problems in Park County.  Lyons explained that the roads were
impassible at the time that Wagner attempted to get to the cattle to supplement their feed.  Lyons expressed his
opinion that Wagner did the best that he could under the circumstances.

     Vern Wagner appeared before the property owners and said that he was sorry for any cattle that died on the
Ranch, but that he did the best he could.  He explained that he does his best not to lose any cattle because each
lost cow is an economic loss to him.

M/S/C to accept report.

Road Report:   Presented by Tom Mulder:

Had a good start to the year with the snow blower.
The lack of snow banks definitely prove to be effective.
The speed & efficient of clearing the roads definitely increase.
Jim Ross, the operator, moved to Texas & at the same time some repairs came up which included skid plates,
hydraulic leak, & PTO clutch.
The driveway program seemed to work out well, the new board can decide on its continuing.
Otherwise the snow blower is ready to go for next season.
The quick spring thaw caused some wash outs from heavy run- off, with the worse ones having been repaired.
Roads were repaired on Fourmile Creek, Santa Maria, South Fork, Rogers, the BLM easement between CR 24
and High Creek, and Reinecker. Some still need to be a little more work and hopefully roads graded this summer.
But we will have to see how our revenue is effective by the reduced cattle grazing if there will be funds to do this,
and the cattle grazing will also effect next year’s snow plowing.

Question from floor regarding rut on Antero going up from Kimsey’s house.  Dennis Kist said that he knew the
area that was being referred to and that it would be repaired.

Election of Officers:

The floor was opened for nominations for the five seats on the Board of Directors:
Vern Wagner nominated the existing Board of Directors:
Dennis Kist…………………………………….Accepted
Lynn LaFleur-Dragonfly……………………...Accepted
Rusty Evans…………………………………..Accepted by email
Ray Lyons……………………………………..Accepted
Tom Mulder……………………………………Declined

Dennis Kist nominated Eric Witzak for the Board of Directors.  Witzak accepted by letter.

M/S/C to close nominations.

Motion by Vern Wagner to instruct Secretary to issue a white ballot in favor of the uncontested nominees and to
elect them by acclamation.  Seconded.  Carried.

Old Business.        None.

New Business.        None.

Unfinished Business.        Question from the floor whether we can avoid reading minutes in future meetings since
they will be posted on the website.  President Kist stated that we would have to put that notice out to the
members so that they would be aware of the procedure.

M/S/C to adjourn at 3:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Mulder & Dennis Kist