From May 2010 "Latest News":
Also you may be aware that the Ranch's cattle/leasee Vern Wagner is embroiled in a legal battle
with Park County Animal Control over his alleged neglect of the cattle.  Although there may
have been some deaths during this unusually long winter, Wagner seems to have been targeted
by the local politics in the County.  What effect this will have on our lease is unknown at this
time.  What is clear is that this will have a negative effect on our economic bottom line.  
Ironically, some of the residents that have assisted Animal Control by filing complaints are
some of the same ones that are constantly inquiring/complaining about when snow will be
removed from the roads during the winter.  The effect of losing income from Wagner will mean
less snow removal this winter.
Vice President Ray Lyons has investigated this situation and you can link to his
report here

From Jan 2012 "Latest News".
As you probably know from reading The Flume,  Vern Wagner was found guilty of not properly
caring for the cattle that he managed, and Judge Groome entered a permanent injunction
against Wagner owning, managing, or otherwise being involved with cattle in Park County. Our
lease with Wagner ends on December 31, 2012, but since he cannot be involved with cattle, he
is unable to comply with the lease and we will enter into a lease with another rancher.   It is
important to note that prior to the trial, the court released funds to pay the back due amounts to
TPRA which amounted to $23,726.58.  So there  are no past due amounts from Wagner.

In 2011, we leased the west side of the ranch to Rafael Esparza, with whom we had no problems
or complaints, and who paid the amounts owed when promised.  The Board will enter in
negotiations with Esparza to see if we can agree on terms for the entire ranch.  If we cannot
come to terms, we have been contacted by other ranchers about possibly leasing the ranch.