February 27th 2010

Present:  Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons, Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly, Rusty Evans, Tom Mulder, Amy Mulder, Robert
Dragonfly, Joe Austin, Chuck Bradford

Meeting opened at  6:55 pm

Prior minutes July 19, 2009 previously approved by Board via emai

Fence was installed on the west side of the ranch, and the area that borders the state land. There is
conversation about installing cattle guards, and Ray Lyons will check pricing on having some custom
made, or weigh the cost of buying the raw materials, and having some one fabricate them together.
Cross fencing in the Salt Ranch Antero area, (between lots # 173 & 174) is scheduled to  be completed
when the ground thaws. By installing cattle guards, this will increase the herd potential in this area. We are
going to get NRCS to advise the ranch on how many head of cattle the ranch will support in this area. This
is being done so we have a non-bias opinion towards UM’s. This also gives NRCS a chance to re-evaluate
the new fenced in area.

Total in bank      21,450.50
Savings 18,291.46
1-31-2010 Checking balance was 259.65
There is approx 2,500 for a Feb 27th deposit
NCRS 6995.00 Deposit and paid to Vern Wagner for cross fencing.
$14,700 to be worked of for grazing
On Feb 15th the head count for cattle was at 200
MSD to pay snow blower bill to Jim Ross in the amount of $560.00.
Included in the motion was that Ross’ outstanding dues will be deducted from this amount with the
exception of an $80.00 late fee that was waived. This was the easiest way to get him current and paid in
full for running the blower.
Chuck Bradford received a check for $595.00 for the previous work done on the blower.
Lynn motioned to spend $300.00 for QuickBooks on-line (per year) to aid in filing the ranch taxes for 2008
and so that property owners that want to review the books will be able to do so with access granted by
Treasurer. This would also include a training fee.  Bob Evans stated he would help volunteer to enter
information. Motion was seconded and approved.
Motion to send the 2009 taxes and annual review of books to Jill Fishenger.
Motion, seconded, and  approved.
Received and paid an invoice from Ed Hartshorne for back dues. He did not charge the ranch for the
appearance he made when V. Christian Kingsford sued TPRA for snow removal charges that he incurred
by hiring an out side contractor for personal use.

The snow blower has incurred some rotary box damage due to rock in the road. Chuck Bradford attended
the meeting and gave a schematic of repairs, including time and materials. He stated that he would need
approx 40 hours to do the repairs. His rate is $65.00 per hour. TPRA will purchase the materials at Cooks
welding per Chuck’s request and have them taken to where the blower is currently parked. MSC to
approve up to $3,000.00.

A current TPRA resident wanted the board to check into Joanne Mills’s property. The resident stated that
her  land was not TPRA property and was not sure if she was eligible to have the same driveway privileges
that other owners have. This is the $100.00 current fee to have the blower clear a driveway when it is out
doing roads. It was determined that she does own property at TPRA, and did pay the required $100.00.
The land area in question needs further review and the board wants to keep the current status quo for the
time being. This will be re-evaluated at a later date. The board will continue to plow her driveway (provided
the snow blower is working) for the remainder of the season.

There was a request by V. Christian Kingsford to volunteer to drive the blower. Per V. Christian Kingsford
himself, stated that Jim Ross would vouch for his ability’s.
Dennis called Jim, and Jim emphatically stated that he would not recommend him.
Since Jim Ross has moved away, Rusty was the original back up to Jim, so for the present time, will
operate the blower. The board has a request from Eric Witzak, who has a CDL and has operated large
trucks, to possibly train for the back up position. Greg Kimsey also stated he would be interested in that

Lynn reported that despite the complaints at the annual meetings regarding property owners being able to
review the TPRA financial records, no one to date has asked to look at the books.

MSC to start foreclosure on lots 111 and 185. Names of these lot owners will be announced at a later date.

The majority of the board voted via E-mail to approve winter grazing for the winter of 2009-2010 from Nov
2009/April 2010.  The winter rate is $9.00 per head, down from $12.00  for the summer rate.

Meeting adjourned   8:45 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Rusty Evans