TPRA was recently sued in small claims court by a resident that felt that TPRA
should reimburse him for snow removal costs last year.
The resident took the position that TPRA has an obligation to keep the roads
clear of snow at all times. Dennis Kist and Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly appeared on
behalf of the TPRA and explained to the judge that we had already spent over
$120,000.00 in the past 3 years removing snow and that plowing the snow was
no longer an option.  We also explained that TPRA had purchased a snow
blower and felt that it was a more reasonable method of removing the snow --
when we had the financial ability to do so.  The judge ruled in favor of TPRA and
stated that it was unreasonable for residents to expect TPRA to keep the roads
clear based upon its limited budget and that such an expectation was
unreasonable. The judge also stated that if a resident, living in such an isolated
area, could not deal with the situation, that resident should consider relocating.