TPRA Board of Directors Minutes   

Meeting 7-19-09     Opened 4:20 pm

Meeting called to Order
Present: Dennis Kist, Ray Lyons, Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly, Rusty Evans,
Tom Mulder, Joe Austin.

Election of officers as follows
Dennis Kist          President
Ray Lyons           Vice President
Lynn Dragonfly   Treasurer
Tom Mulder         Snow removal and road maintenance
Rusty Evans         Secretary
Bob Evans            Collection of late dues

Motion carried by all attending

M/S/C by Ray Lyons to have a report on outstanding dues by Dec 1st
09. .

June 6th  meeting minutes approved. The annual meeting minutes need
to be updated and emailed. Jory has the January minutes and will get
them to the board.

Equip program. Ray Lyons will now be in charge of the Equip program
and will get in touch with Vern Wagner to get an estimate on the cost for
him to do some work this year.
We need to determine the best area’s to cross fence including cattle
guards, water tanks and fixing the existing windmills for pumping water.

Cattle lease. We received a letter from Monty Donaire expressing
interest in a 6 mo lease terms, taking the cow/calf off in the spring. We
are leaning towards Vern, as he wants a winter graze lease, and give
Vern the first chance to work on the Equip program through the board.

Roads. Tom Mulder is now in charge of road maintenance and snow
removal. He has talked to Bob Wheeler and he will be out to grade roads
in Aug. Tom will advise locations that need priority grading.

Lynn paid the rec center for the annual meeting. Cost was 30.00. We
have approximately 1,500 in deposits now. There was a request for a
copy of the dishonesty bond, and we are to save the info and get that
info to Dennis.
We will keep the current bank signatures the same for the current time.

There is a Teller/Park county invite on Aug 11th for TPRA. This is to be
a similar program to the Equip program. Ray will attend if he can.

Amerigas sent TPRA a flyer offering fixed price for propane the
upcoming season. Rusty will see if Ferrell gas will match, to help get
TPRA resident the lowest price possible.

Lynn has contacted 6 accountants for a certified audit. She received one
reply, which was rocky mountain accountant.

Ed Hartshorne.  Lot 185 and the one adjacent to it, received notice to
foreclose. They have not paid since October 25th, 2006. 4,898.47 in
dues owed to the association.
Lot 111, An sari, leaned Dec 1st 2006.  On Aug 5th 2009, an additional
party with a transfer date has paid the back taxes.

Lot 21 had a lien placed on Dec 2006.
Lot 206 now has a total of 504.45 due in past dues
Lot 296, and 297 have been sent in for foreclosure.

Lynn also stated that she needs to meet with Beth to clear up some
previous questions in regards to letters sent out and money received.

Acorn Petroleum. Motion to purchase a new 500-gallon fuel tank, with 12-
volt pump and meter for 700 dollars. This is a savings of 300 dollars to
the ranch; as we cannot meet there lease agreement to fill the diesel
tank once a month. Motion approved

Motion by Lynn to waive late fees by 7 property owners that paid their
dues in the month of July. The late notices will go out on August 1st, and
only dues paid after this will be considered late. Motion approved.

Bank account stands at 32,566.07, minus the rec center check of 30.00
dollars, and approximately 1,500 dollars in deposits.

If Jim Ross is willing, TPRA board members will allow him to operate the
snow blower to help off set his dues. The agreement with Jim will be to
get any repairs done, maintain, and operate the machine. Ray
suggested that his payback portion to be 30 cents on the dollars earned.
Lynn also suggested that monies collected start getting the oldest debt
cleared up first. Motion approved.

Meeting adjourned at 6 pm

Submitted by

Rusty Evans