1. Roads will not be improved or constructed until the parcel owner
submits a Permit of Occupancy from Park County to the Board of
Directors.  A improved road will be constructed to the parcel based
upon the economic ability of the Association to do so.

2. The Snow Policy adopted in 2008 is still in effect despite the
purchase by the Association of the snow blower.  The Association
will make reasonable attempts to keep roads clear based upon the
weather and economic ability to do so.  Snow removal will only be
attempted to parcels with homes with residents on improved
roads.  It is a waste of Association funds to clear roads to empty
houses or parcels.  Snow will not be removed from "goat trails" or
"cross country".

3. Any issues involving cattle should be resolved between the
Cattle Leasee and the individual property owner.

4. Any authorization to put utilities over Association roads must be
obtained through the Board on an individual basis.

5. No individual Board member can authorize a waiver or work-off
of past assessments. Such waivers must be approved by the
Board of Directors.

6.  Assessments are due from each lot at the rate of $100.00 per
year.  There are no multiple or combined lot discounts.

7. Owners delinquent in dues may attend the annual meeting but
may not vote.

8. Policy regarding Snow Removal on Driveways.