Minutes of the 2008 Annual General Meeting of Thousand Peaks Ranch Association held at
Park County Office Building on Sunday June 22, 2008.

Present:  Board Members:  Dennis Kist, president; Sandra Hagan, Vice-president; Beth
Brubaker, Treasurer; Malcolm Shaw, Secretary, Member-at-Large, Jeff “Rusty” Evans..

Owners: Joanne Mills, Jory Rayton,  Mr. and Mrs. Vern Wagner, Elizabeth Moritz, James
Kirksey, John Fitzpatrick, Mr. And Mrs. Jim Mattox, Mr. And Mrs. Joe Austin, Shirley Motz-
Helber, Tonie Martinez, Michele Kingsford, Terry Sandmeier, Mr. And Mrs. Tom Mulder, Michele
Sgambelluri, Lyndal Glaser, Will Morrow, Mr. And Mrs. Michael Suljak.

Call to Order

The president called the meeting to order at 2.10 p.m.  A total of 41 lots were represented, and
the president asked for any challenges to a quorum being present.  None was voiced.  The
meeting was therefore opened for the business of the Association.

Minutes of Last Meeting

The secretary read these to the meeting.  On motion from Mr. Wagner and second, these were
approved unanimously by voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report - Beth Brubaker

July 1, 2007 through June 22, 2008

Bank Account status:

      Checking Balance, July1, 2007   $       80.93

      Savings Balance, July 1, 2007     $43,098.63



      Dues, fees, emergency fund donations $36,905.51

      Cattle Lease                                        $14,712.00

      Interest                                               $     371.99

      Total Income                                    $51,989.50


      Attorney Fees                                 $  3,380.04

      Road Work                                    $  6,335.00

      Snow Removal                               $69,235.06

Bond                                              $     170.10

      Mailings to  members                      $      615.96

      Refund  to members                       $      176.87   

      Fairplay Postmaster                        $        40.00

      Teller/Park Weed Control               $       530.58

      Web design/maintenance                 $      103.35

Bank Charge                                   $        27.00

      Total expenditures                        $80,613.96


Cash in hand:

Savings Balance, June 22, 2008             $14,428.13

      Checking Balance, June 22, 2008          $    126.97          Total in
hand                                               $14,555.10

Dues Outstanding at June 22, 2008                $15,600.00

      2008                                                                             $10,300.00

      2007                                                                               $3,400.00

      2006, 2005, 2004                                                             $1,900.00

The major item of expenditure for the year was snow removal, which totaled $69, 235.  The
emergency fund idea postulated at last year's AGM did not fly, since although it was approved
numerically from the responses received, far fewer than 75% of lot owners responded overall.  
Nonetheless, a number of owners made ex gratia contributions to the Association, totaling
$1,100, of which $600 came from one couple. The Treasurer expressed thanks to all who had
personally attempted to help the situation.
Other major outlays, though nowhere approaching the road costs, were for mailings to
members, and for spraying by Teller/Park weed management.
Available funds now stand at $14,555, with outstanding dues at $10,300.  There are still
several liens in place on various lots.

Mr. Austin moved to accept the report, seconded, carried by verbal unanimous vote.

Report from the president.

EQUIP – Fencing on the west side of the Ranch is down; replacing it would appear to be cost-
prohibitive, especially given the state of finances after the Winter.  The prospect of cross-
fencing in the Salt Ranch trail, however, is still alive and well.  The Board now has permission
from lot owners to erect this fence between lots 173/174.
Cattle Lease – presently, the Ranch is feeding 200 AUM; these consist of 100 cow/calf pairs
and 100 yearlings.  This arrangement is working well for the present, and is subject to regular
meetings with Mr. Wagner, who has proved amenable and cooperative at all times.
Uranium Mining – The website has some information about the possibility of this taking place in
the future, and members need to make themselves aware of the possible ramifications of this
activity.  The type of activity contemplated is in-situ mining, where the drilling enters uranium-
bearing aquifers and removes the metal in solution.  Several citizens groups are fighting this
initiative, which is not only a threat, but is only possible because of antiquated laws from the
1880s, promulgated when the federal government promoted the establishment of mining claims
as a means of settling the West.  The danger to us lies in the fact that, to date, there has been
NO mining operation of this type that has been without accidents.  In this case, since the
extraction method uses drilling through potable-water aquifers, there is a worst-case potential
of South Park losing a considerable part of its well-water, which would, essentially render areas
uninhabitable, since the surface water largely goes to the Front Range.
4.         Snow Policy – The background to this, which is also on the website, has been the
events of the last two seasons, plus a similar statement of policy from Park County.  The
practical reality is that dues are, to all intents and purposes, $33,000 per year, and that
residents need to be aware that this will not provide daily services in heavy snow seasons, or
anything resembling it.

Q.        Ms. Sgamburelli – What is the distribution of resident population on the Ranch?

A.            Approximately 30 dwellings, widely scattered.  The most remote is the Kingsford
residence, about three miles from the closest neighbor.  As an example, a rough estimate
would show about 15-20% of the Association's snow costs spent clearing Antero Drive from
TPRA Rd. to that one house.  There also are other stretches of road providing access to single
occupied residences of  a mile and more.  The cost to keep access open to all is prohibitive in
severe seasons.

Q.        Ms. Kingsford – Why did the person in charge of roads waste the Association's money
running a trial of a piece of equipment on a stretch of road that didn't service occupied
residences, and it broke down, anyway?

A.        The piece of road in question services five homes, plus the former Graham property.  
Two of the owners, Willard and the new owner of the former LaQuin Thomas residence, had
made urgent remonstrances that their properties stood to be ruined because of non-delivery of
propane.  Since at the time of the trial, all residents were able to exit, it was logical to run the
trial where some good would be served, rather than to open up a road to nowhere, or
conversely, to attract the inevitable stricture, from the questioner in particular, of  “playing
favorites” by replowing an existing access.  Thus, the trial took place over a two-mile stretch
from the Kimsey property, via Willards, to the former Thomas residence.  In fact, once
accessible, the former property was found to have considerable reserves of gas, the latter to
be on 0%.

Q. - Mr. Rayton – Would Board members refrain from making defamatory statements,
especially in County workplaces, regarding members?

A. - The question is not germane to the discussion at hand, but its implications are taken under

Statement from the Rancher – Vern Wagner

Mr. Wagner stated that this was his eighth year on the Ranch, and that the past two years have
seen much improvement; there is now a copious quantity of grazing available, which would
support more beasts and help replenish the Association's coffers.  The relationship with the
Board has also been extremely productive and cordial.

        Some improvements, such as the EQIP measures, would enhance this even further.  Vern
has re-erected the fallen fence to the west; two more cattle guards need to be put in place, and
a 24' guard at the edge of the Mills property.

Q. - Mr. Sandmeier, to the president – How many fecal analyses have you done in the last two
years?  You were the one who insisted on them, as part of the lease

A. -  No, I didn't see any need for it at this time.

The Lessee: Losses to stock grazed on the Ranch have been less than half of 1%.  There are
and have not been any signs of a problematic situation in the last two years. Bang's Disease is
the major threat, and all cattle on the Ranch are vaccinated.

Mr. Rayton, from the floor, thanked Mr. Wagner for the gift of 200lbs.of beef for charitable
purposes.  There was spontaneous applause.

Q.        Ms. Kirkpatrick-Suljak: Is work awarded under EQIP's grant by bid or by award?

A.        It may be either: if by award, it will be by approval of the TPRA Board vote.

Roads – The Secretary

Essentially the story is known to all who spent the winter in the mountains, or cares to read the
chronology on the website.  The Association did what it could for whomsoever it could, and
even so, some of us were marooned for up to six days.  Yet on balance, we probably did better
than the County, which had customers on CR 5 who spent two or three days longer in
isolation.  Nonetheless, there is still wholesale self-congratulation on the County website, and
our Emergency Manager won an award.  Often, our plowing was delayed, because CR 24 was
blocked for days at a time.

        The new Board will implement the snow policy, or amend it, if the new members feel this is
called for.  Certainly, some changes are needed in Association response, which the new Board
will decide upon.  Changes will be displayed on the web site, as required.

Q Terry Sandmeier: Roads should be plowed with the berm to the east, where the prevailing
wind is from the west.

A. Impossible to tell which direction the wind will come from.

Statements in response: Elizabeth Moritz: We should forget about snowplowing altogether.  
Those who can't get themselves in and out shouldn't be here.  Ms. Sgambelluri: There is the
possibility of staying in Fairplay.  Ms. Motz-Helber:  We had superb response from the Board.  
Mr. Mulder: Where we live, we can't expect perfection.  Mr. Sandmeier: With all the plowing, the
roads are getting scraped bare.  Ms. Martinez: Without Marvin, my husband would have died.  
Ms. Sgambelluri: the membership should form a committee to volunteer to make plans and
policies before the onset of next winter.  (No motion forthcoming from the floor.)  

Q: Mr. Morrow:  There was a rumor around Fairplay that TPRA had stiffed Mr. Mundt for
$30,000.  (Other attendees at the meeting reported the same story from other sources.  
Secretary confirmed having heard it early in the year from a County employee, and personnel
at gas stations in Fairplay.)

A. The Secretary.  This was and is an absolute untruth, and it appears, from many sources,
that this rumor was spread widely in the early months of the year, and more reprehensibly, that
it came from Mr. Mundt himself.  The Board cannot understand, especially in a small community
where secrets are few, why a person of trust should choose to malign the source of his extreme
good fortune ($100, 000 or thereabouts over two years,) by slander with no foundation  M&M
Enterprises has been given the bulk of work over the winter.  No invoice, however large, has
gone more than 20 days unpaid.  As a general rule, M&M's invoices have been paid within one
week, given that Board members are themselves, largely small businesspeople.  

The President advised that the Snow Policy will remain in effect unless changed by the new
Board.  It therefore made sense to postpone any further discussion on the policy until the
election of the new Board is held.

Motion to table discussion until after the election of the new Board by Motz-Helber, approved
on second.

Election of Board
The president called for nominations for the new Board.  All Board positions were open.  Of the
outgoing Board, Brubaker, Shaw and Hagan did not stand for re-election.

Results for nominees were as follows:

Tom Mulder                             125 votes

Jeff “Rusty” Evans                    123 votes

Lynn Lafleur                             121 votes

Dennis Kist                                 94 votes

Jory Rayton                                75 votes

Terry Sandmeier                         19 votes

The first five, above, were elected to serve for the period 2008-9.

No objection being raised, a motion to approve election results by Mr. Wagner; on second,
carried unanimously.

Old Business

Mr. Sandmeier called for an audit of the Association's affairs.  The Treasurer stated that this
had been called for the previous year and that volunteers had offered to perform it,  Lynn
Lafleur-Dragonfly volunteered and reviewed the records and found no problems.  

Unfinished Business


New Business


On motion and second, meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw