WHEREAS in May 2008 the BOD established a policy wherein TPRA has declared that the annual lot
assessments are not collected for snow removal, and

WHEREAS the BOD has the flexibility in its discretion to attempt to clear snow from the roadways for the benefit
of the lot owners, and

WHEREAS the BOD has determined plowing snow is economically impracticable due to the wind conditions on
the Ranch, and

WHEREAS the BOD has determined that if snow is to be cleared from the roadways of the Ranch that the only
economically responsible method is by employing a commercial grade snow blowing/throwing device, and

WHEREAS the BOD has located a commercial grade snow blower/thrower that can be paid for by TPRA over the
course of several years conditioned upon obtaining long term financing,

NOW THEREFORE, the BOD of TPRA, pursuant to its authority contained in the By-Laws of TPRA and the
Articles of Incorporation of TPRA, hereby authorizes the President, and/or any other necessary officers, to
obtain the necessary financing and/or to spend the necessary TPRA funds, and to execute all necessary
documents, to purchase the 1983 Oshkosh Rotary Snowplow, ModelH2318 being sold by Sam Winer Motors
located in Akron, Ohio.  This authorization shall include the purchase price, and all necessary taxes, fees, and
transportation costs.

        Dated this 25th day of January 2009.

/s/ Dennis A. Kist____________     /s/Tom Mulder__________

Dennis A. Kist, President                  Tom Mulder, Vice-President

/s/ Jory Rayton______________     /s/Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly____     

Jory Rayton, Secretary                      Lynn Lafleur-Dragonfly, Treasurer

/s/Jeffrey Evans__________________

Jeffrey “Rusty” Evans