June 6, 2009

Mulder Residence

Present:        President Dennis Kist, Vice President Tom Mulder, Treasurer Lynn Lafluer-Dragonfly, Member At
Large Rusty Evans;  Also Present: Amy Mulder, Vern Wagner

Absent:        Secretary Jory Rayton

Meeting Opened at 7:10 p.m.

Minutes of January 18, 2009 Board of Directors meeting have not been delivered as of yet by the Secretary, so
they were no available for review and approval.

Vern Wagner:  Vern Wagner appeared to personally meet Board members he had not yet met.  Wagner
explained to the Board the status of the lawsuit between himself and his partner Myers.  Wagner also spoke
about the value of cross fencing through the EQUIP program.

ROADS:  Motion, second, and carried to allocate approximately $15,000.00 for road grading and repair.  Rusty
Evan to coordinate road maintenance as Evans is not going to be personally performing any of the work.

Tom Mulder was contacted by Michelle Sgambelluri who requested a letter rewarding winter access on Deadman
Rd.  Letter is needed to present to bank for home construction loan.  Board approved by consensus to send

Letter was received from Christian Kingsford requesting TPRA pay Marvin Mundt $1150.00 for snow removal. In
that this work was not approved by TPRA, motion, second, and carried to deny the request.

Although previous approved by email, motion, second, and carried to approve approximately $3,000.00 for
insurance on snow blower, general liability insurance, and officers and directors liability insurance.


Motion, second, and carried approximately $5,000.00 payment for state and federal taxes for 2008.

Issue has arisen regarding Dwayne Butler’s lots.  Butler has taken the position that since he placed his residence
on the property line between his 2 lots that he should only have to pay 1 assessment to TPRA.   Motion, second,
and carried that Butler owes 2 assessments for his 2 lots.

Jewel’s Septic:  The President has had several conversations with “Wade” from Jewel’s Septic regarding his
inquiry as to the  Board’s position if he bought a lot on the Ranch and then placed a storage facility for the
sewage that come out his portable toilets.  Motion, second, and carried that such activity would violate the
covenants and zoning regulations and would be opposed by the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Kist