Minutes of the meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on January 24, 2008, at
8.00 pm.

Present: Board members; Beth Brubaker, Sandra Hagan, Malcolm Shaw, Dennis Kist, Rusty Evans.  Owners:
Tom and Amy Mulder; Dave Austin.

The Board wishes to thank the above owners for volunteering their time and effort to help stuff envelopes for
the membership mailing.

Call to Order.

The meeting began at 8:10 pm.  

Minutes of Prior Meeting

The draft minutes of the prior Board meeting (11/27/07) were presented by the Secretary for approval.  On
motion from the Vice-president, duly seconded, these were approved as presented.

Treasurer’s Report

Checks have been written and mailed in the amount of $9,330 for snow removal, to JET and M&M.
Letters of assent have been received from the two owners of the lots potentially affected by the cross-fencing
plan under EQIP.
There are invoices outstanding for plowing, from JET, for dates of 2nd/6th/8th January, totaling $2,857.50.  Also
to Tom Mulder, for loader services, for $770.00, to Greg Powell, $25 for legal services, and to Office Depot,
$249.15 for copying and materials for the mailing.
Bank accounts stand at $42K in savings, $1K in checking.  
A CO has been awarded to Thompsons, lots 56/57.
The Treasurer moved to pay outstandings; on second this was carried unanimously.


The president voiced the need to clear Badger Road.  Rusty stated that it would be an enormous undertaking to
dig the whole thoroughfare clear.  The president moved to clear Badger as far as the Glogowski property, and
from Santa Maria to the Sanders property.  On second, motion carried unanimously.

Fire chief Hutcheson is scheduled to meet with Board members on Jan. 25, to discuss new names for several
roads on the Ranch.
The two stretches of Antero Drive continue to present problems.  The westerly leg involves plowing
approximately five miles in an area that habitually drifts heavily, for a single homeowner; the easterly presents a
major problem in the low elevation of the first half-mile, from Salt Ranch past the Kimsey and Willard properties.  
On the elevated portion from there to the end of the road, it tends to blow itself clear.
Several new alternative methods and potential contractors have been suggested to the Board.  These will be
approached and tried in due course.
Question from Mrs. Mulder: Would the owner of the vacant lot 330 allow parking, to access the highway?   
Secretary stated that the unmade portion and adjoining right-of-way from the Martinez property to the corner by
Deputy Fijkes’ residence, of Rogers Drive, could also legitimately be used for this purpose, to access Cty. 24
and 285.


The cattle are now gone; the Board will stay in touch with Wagner-Meyers regarding their return date, which will
depend largely on snow conditions.


The consent of the two owners for cross-fencing has been obtained, as noted above.  The State has instituted
a noxious-weed elimination grant program, in which costs are shared with the beneficiaries.  Treasurer noted
that to date this service has cost us approximately $600 per annum, and should be repeated in the spring.  
Treasurer requested permission to follow up on this possibility, which gained unanimous assent.

Annual Meeting Date

Secretary moved to hold this on June 22nd, which will not interfere with the music festival or Ladies’ Ride.  On
second, carried unanimously.

On motion from the president, duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 9.30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw