Minutes of the meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on May 31, 2007, at 7:30 pm.

Present: Board members; Beth Brubaker, Sandra Hagan, Malcolm Shaw, Dennis Kist.  Absent: Ed Schade.  Also
present: Mr. Rusty Evans, Mr. and Mrs. George Biggs.

Call to Order.

The meeting began at 7:45 p.m.  

Minutes of Prior Meeting

The draft minutes of the Board Meeting of April 7, 2007 were read by the Secretary.  On motion from the
president, these were approved as amended. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

The Association’s Savings account stands presently at $40,328.18.  This balance represents a difference of
$18,000 less than at this point last year, because of snow-clearing expense in the first three months of this year.

The Butler bankruptcy has now been discharged.  The Association can, therefore, not collect past dues from
this owner, and the accrued dues must be considered uncollectible.

Treasurer moved to pay a premium of $170.10 to our surety company, to provide a bond for Board members.  
On second, carried unanimously.


The Association has received a formal tender from Mr. Evans to perform work on the Ranch, at the rate of $90
per hr. for all equipment, with travel to and from the jobsite to be charged at half this rate.  The tender also
provides an offer to perform driveway and construction work for individual homeowners at $70 per hour.   
Secretary moved to provide Mr. Evans a trial on three pieces of road, using whatever material is in place at
present.  On motion from the Secretary and second, to provide Mr. Evans with such trial, he was approved to
cure problems on Antero Road north and south sections, as well as Reinecker Road from Cty. 24 to the Rayton

On the question of specifications for easements on Ranch roads, Vice-president agreed to establish what these

Agenda for Annual Meeting

President had previously emailed a draft agenda to Board members for approval.  Treasurer postulated in
addition, the possibility of a special assessment to cover emergency spending, such as occurred at the height of
last winter.  Consensus was that this should be broached at the Meeting, subject to a review of the by-laws, to
assess the feasibility of such action.

Vice-president moved to accept the agenda as amended; carried on second.

Range Management

Board members have all received communications from an owner, protesting the Lessee’s erection of a gate
across the unmade segment of Reinecker Road, to control cattle.  Lessee has shown willingness to dismantle
the gate, but on the understanding that his horses, as well as stock grazing his own property will then not be
restrained, and will migrate to the SE corner of the Ranch, with the risk of augmenting the numbers grazing the
Ranch itself.  President stated that he had covered this matter by email with the owner of the lot, and that she
was now willing to leave the gate in place.

Mark Lamb has offered, on behalf of DOW, to remove the fence they erected across the platted northern access
to Hwy. 9 on Fourmile Creek Road.  IREA has requested this access.

Subdivision of Lot 3.

President, VP, Joanne Mills and Elizabeth Moritz all attended the planning meeting for this lot, and opposed the
subdivision.  The meeting was continued until June 21.  As a point of law, Thousand Peaks is a registered
subdivision, and further subdivision is technically illegal.

New Attorney

The president stated that Ed Hartshorn, his candidate for replacing the current attorney, represents Mr. Meyers,
of Wagner-Meyers Enterprises, and that therefore is a possible conflict in matters between that company and
the Ranch.  Nonetheless, his services may be effective in collection matters.  Secretary therefore moved that Mr.
Hartshorn be retained to collect dues long outstanding, on lots 92 and 83, as a trial.  Carried unanimously on


Mr. Kot will be available to address the meeting on June 24.  If the grant plan is approved by the membership,
the aim will be to get cattle to go to the south portion of the Ranch, whereas they presently alternate east and
west.  The president and Lessee have toured the Ranch extensively, and have established approximately a half-
dozen sites where this can be achieved by improvements.

Treasurer opined that it is a fiduciary duty of the Board to maintain the integrity of the community asset, or else
the grazing rights will be devalued in a decade.  Vice-president reiterated that, as part of any improvement
grant, it will need to be specified in writing by the present and future Lessees, that water and other rights
created by these improvements will remain with the Ranch and be immune from dispute.

Other Business


There being no other business before the Board, the session was adjourned at 9:10 pm, on seconded motion
from the Secretary.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw