Minutes of the meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on April 7, 2007, at 10.00 am.

Present: Board members; Beth Brubaker, Sandra Hagan, Malcolm Shaw, Dennis Kist.  Absent: Ed Schade.  Also
present: Mr. Rusty Evans.

Call to Order.

The meeting began at 10.10 am.  

Minutes of Prior Meeting

The draft minutes of the Board Meeting of Feb. 10, 2007 were read by the Secretary.  On motion from the
Treasurer these were approved as amended. Motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report

The Association’s Savings account stands presently at $32,882.04.  Outstanding payments are as follows:

Pave-Tec $300.00

Greg Kimsey $750.00, to be offset against dues

M & M Enterprises $3,125.00

Powell and Associates $42.50

Motion from the Secretary to pay these amounts seconded, carried unanimously.

Question: Should the Association be declaring interest income from People’s Bank for the savings account?  
Treasurer will find out from H&R Block.

Two more delinquent dues accounts have now been caught up.

Cattle Lease

The president reported that this was to be signed May 1.  He also moved to consider all dues from the lots
owned by Mr. Wagner, prior to Mr. Wagner’s acquisition of said lots, to be uncollectible bad debts, under the
appropriate section of the by-laws.  On second, motion carried.

Mr. Wagner had requested permission to hunt and shoot coyotes running on the Ranch.  After discussion,
consensus was that this should be denied.

Mr. Wagner has placed temporary closures across Four-Mile Creek Road and Reinecker Road.  While these
are, by nature, temporary and for cattle control only, president undertook to send Mr. Wagner an official letter
stating that no easement or adverse possession rights are created by these closures.

Subdivision of Lot 3.

The Board’s position is to oppose this subdivision.  We will have at least one member at the hearing.

Agenda for Annual Meeting

The president will draft this in coming days and submit it to the next Board meeting, for posting to the website.

Voting at Annual Meeting

The Treasurer raised the question of proxies and voting by delinquent members.  The standing has been in the
past, that delinquent members may not vote.  Given the collection of proxies, which has been formalized  for the
coming meeting, more so than in other years, the Board should establish whether delinquent members should
be able to exercise such proxies as they are given.


Mr. Evans attended the meeting as a roadmaking expert.  He opined that the Ranch roads are in need of
leveling and blading in places.  He expressed disappointment at having, at one point, been isolated for four days
with no ability to exit the ranch.

He has acquired a V-plow, with a 12 ft. center blade, which allows for plowing roads faster than the equipment
used during the winter.  Crowns and ditches also need to be re-created, to allow runoff.

He postulated the possibility of selecting a piece of road needing repair, and bidding on its resurfacing.  It was
agreed that he and the Secretary would traverse the Ranch to select such an area.


The treasurer stated that she had met with this body on April 4.  No signature is needed until after the Annual
Meeting.  The approximate proportion of funds appears to be that the Ranch provides $12,000 and receives a
grant for $24,000, subject to final revision by the State.  We are still lacking a Farm number from FSA.

New Attorney

The president stated that, in his personal opinion, our attorney is slow to act.  Liens are not acted upon, which
gives delinquent owners the impression that their debt will not be collected.

The Secretary moved to empower the president to evaluate the current attorney’s work, and to check other
sources, reporting back at the next meeting.  Motion carried.

Other Business


There being no other business before the Board, the session was adjourned at 12.10 pm, on seconded motion
from the president.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw