Minutes of the special meeting of the Board of TPRA held by telephone on Thursday, February 10, 2007, at
10.00 am.

Present: Dennis Kist, Sandra Hagan, Beth Brubaker, Malcolm Shaw; Absent: Ed Schade.

Prior Minutes
Minutes from the previous meeting were read by the Secretary, and approved unanimously on motion from the
president and second.

Cattle Lease
The president has discussed with Mr. Wagner proposed revisions to the lease, which will bring the pricing and
terms into line with the actual high bid received last year. Mr. Wagner states that he is waiting for his attorney's
views on the document, but does not personally see anything therein that he can not live with.

Treasurer's Report
The Association has $35,398.70 in savings and $92.90 in checking accounts.  $1,600 in bad debts has been
collected by Powell and Murphy.  The Treasurer requested clearance to pay Powell's account of $1,770;
mailing expenses of $284.39; reimbursement of $720 in expenses to Jory Rayton, for a Bobcat to clear the
Reinecker area during the snowstorm, and to offset fees to Greg Kimsey for similar expenses, against
Association dues.  On motion from the president, sanction was given unanimously.

NRCS/State Grant
The request for this, which has lain unfiled for upwards of four years, has now been rewritten and filed.  The
Association's portion of the improvement cost is $12,000.  The matching portion from the State will be equal to,
or up to triple this amount.  Leon Kot estimates the grantor will cover about 65% of the real cost.  
Implementation of this grant will be suspended until the Annual Meeting in June.

Other business

On motion from the Treasurer and second, meeting was adjourned at 10.25 am.
Respectfully submitted:Malcolm Shaw

Secretary, TPRA