Minutes of the meeting of the Board of TPRA held at the Brubaker/Shaw residence on Saturday, January 21,
2007, at 9.00 am.

Present: Dennis Kist, Sandra Hagan, Beth Brubaker, Malcolm Shaw; Absent: Ed Schade.
Attending member: Mr. Vern Wagner.  Call to order: 9:30 am.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the meeting of Dec. 16, 2006 were read by the Secretary.  On motion to approve from the
Treasurer and second, these were approved for posting.

The meeting opened with a teleconference involving Mr. Leon Kot of NRCS.  Mr. Kot outlined the scope of this
program, Environmental Quality Improvement Program, under which the State government contracts with
landholders to improve range management, and provides subsidies to encourage them to do so.  Mr. Kot
explained that a contract had been negotiated in principle with Steve and Sue Graham some years ago,
involving a cross-fence and windmill, and that the formalities had never been completed by the Grahams, nor
the subsequent president, and that the opportunity of obtaining State funding will soon be lost.  Contracts cover
a 3-10 year management period.  Subsidies are available for improvement, for 50-65% of the capital
improvement costs, depending on financial outlay and range income. The matter is now of some urgency, since
the closing date for contracts/proposals is February 7.  The president asked if any kind of easement was
created by acceptance of the subsidy; the answer was in the negative.  The Board agreed to make
representation of scope and dollar amount prior to the closing date.

        Mr. Wagner mooted the desirability of bentoniting two dams in the Antero side of the Ranch.  Possibilities
of water improvements and cross-fencing were discussed.

        The procedure for the subsidy will be that the Association puts in the improvements and bills the State, at
which point the State inspects the improvements and grants its portion of the cost.

Cattle Lease

1.      Mr. Wagner expressed an earnest desire to work in good faith with the Board, stating that third parties
have muddied the waters over the years, and that hostilities had been created for no substantial reason.

2.      All parties present were invited to air any and all outstanding matters with Mr. Wagner.

3.      The Secretary moved to empower the president to renegotiate a continuing lease for a three-year period,
given that Mr. Wagner grazed his stock last year, which would effectively constitute a four-year grazing period.  
This new lease should include tariffs based on acreage as well as headcount, since the acreage method allows
the lessee to be covered for State drought assistance in years of poor rainfall.  On second, motion carried.

Proxies for Annual Meeting

Discussion on this matter centered around validity of proxies and oversight of the rule that persons not in good
standing with the Association should not vote at elections.  Members€™ attention was also drawn to the by-law
stating that elections for all offices must be held annually, which the former custom of dynastic succession
contravenes.  Also, the lot owner awarding proxy power to a third party must designate the specific recipient of
such power, rather than €œthe Board€ or a similarly vague delegation.

        A proxy form was submitted by the president, and approved, subject to amendment.

Annual Meeting

This was tentatively set for June 24, 2007, at 2.00 p.m., at the Park County Offices conference room.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer reported that, having started the year with two typescript pages of non-paying owners, that half
of these are now current.  An approximate total of $1,500 is now outstanding in the 1-2 year category; and an
amount of $2,675 approximately, at 3-4 years.  For the first storm of the season, the snowplowing bill was
$1,100; however, given the severe nature of recent storms, the next bill can be expected to surpass that of last
year’s entire season.


1.         Presently, after several weeks of intense work, the roads are all passable.  That notwithstanding, a
combination of wind and snow can undo the work very quickly. It is impractical to plow either during snow or high
wind, which is inconvenient to Association members, but a clear road can be made impassable within minutes by
a ground blizzard.

2.         Marvin Mundt has been hospitalized with severe pneumonia, which medical staff found was combined
with life-threatening blood disease.  On motion from the president and second, the Board resolved to send the
association’s good wishes to Mr. Mundt, with a floral tribute.  

Other business

A single mailing containing notices of the Annual meeting, cattle lease agreements and proxy forms will be sent
to members in the first week of February, with a prepaid envelope, to ensure the return of the documents to the
correct address.  The Secretary will be responsible for the timely duplication of the forms, once approved.

The Treasurer will submit a dues statement to IREA, which has never paid dues for the lot it owns.

Motion to Adjourn
        On motion from the president and second, the meeting was adjourned at 1:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Malcolm Shaw

Secretary, TPRA